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How to Increase Domain Authority of your website?

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Website Domain Authority is one of the most important factors that count in website ranking. With surging competition and increasing online trends, the ranking of the website has become quite arduous. Even the best on-page SEO efforts don’t give the optimum results to rank on SERP. Today, the Search engine counts several factors when it comes to ranking. Although you can’t easily optimize for all of Google’s ranking factors, there are many ways in which you can increase domain authority of your website.

Domain Authority was first introduced by one of the biggest multinational company MOZ and it is something that really helps to rank websites or blogs on Google search pages. Domain Authority is simply a ranking score developed by MOZ, which judges your website ranking results on the search engine result page. 

The score of Domain Authority exists between 1 to 100. A higher number of high domain authority increases the chances of your website ranking on Google.

The best way to check the domain authority is either by using Moz’s Link Explorer, the Moz Bar, or in the SER analysis section of keyword explorer. Besides, you can also install the extension in the chrome and from there you can see the exactly genuine DA of any website.

Domain authority has nothing to do with Google. It is not what Google has interviewed before. What was it that Google has developed PageRank? PageRank was then shut down for the general public because it has started giving a way for black hat SEO. Domain authority is closely related to Page Rank. That is why when you ask Google what domain authority is, it makes a difference in ranking.

If you generate backlinks from websites which has a high domain authority you easily get crawled and increased SERP position. 

If you want to check the DA and PA of your website, then you should use the MOZ tool in which you can search domain authority, linking authority, inbound links, and ranking keywords, etc.

Multiple factors to increase Domain Authority


First thing you must keep in mind that you do not need to work hard in making thousands of backlinks. Focus on quality backlinks rather than quantity backlinks. Search proper Page authority of websites on which you are going to create backlinks. Most of the bloggers do such mistakes by creating a number of fake backlinks and as a consequence, their websites never rank on Google. So, avoid doing such mistakes.

Do follow and No-follow links

You should create Do follow and No follow both links in an effective ratio. If you create 10 Do-Follow links, then you should create at least 5 No-Follow links.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an effective way to increase Domain Authority. You must create backlinks on surging social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Digg,, Slashdot, etc. 

Write Quality Content

As we know that content is the Key. So, the type of content you create plays a major role in website ranking. Try as much to write qualitative and unique website content.

Some primary factors can be
  • Content should be unique.
  • Content should be long as you can write
  • Content should be self-written.
  • Never use the rewrite app to spin pre-published content, it can increase your spam score.
  • Don’t try to copy other’s content and make minor changes to make it unique. It will decrease your DA.
Make backlinks for the home page

Most people do common mistakes by creating backlinks for many pages of their websites and hence people get confused to find the home page of the website. So, if you want to rank the website, focus on creating backlinks for the Homepage.

Check the Spam score of your website before making Backlinks

You must check the spam score of your website because it affects DA numbers. You can install the MOZ bar and check the Spam Score easily.

Some minor tips to increase Domain Authority

  1. One thing that you need to keep in mind while creating backlinks is that If you create backlinks for your post, then your post will run and if you create backlinks for your homepage then DA will increase for your home page.
  • Profile Creation can be a very good option to increase domain authority. In Profile creation, you create a profile for URL of your website and you get backlinks.
  • Try to take backlinks from websites that have High DA, otherwise, it depends on the website that whether it gives you a backlink or snot, but by posting a guest post, you can send a request mail to the owner of that website.
  • More and more backlinks should be created for the home page of your website, it helps to increase Domain Authority.
  • The domain authority of a website is visible in the link explorer of the MOZ tool. You can search for high-ranked websites and then you can create backlinks.

Some useful ways to increase Domain Authority of your website

On-page SEO

On-page SEO depends on basic things like Title of the page, Description of the page, Alt text for the uploaded images on-page, and its size. 

Off-page SEO

The profile should be clean and effective for the high DA Score. You must remove bad backlinks from the website. This can be done by using tools like Disavow to remove bad links.

Technical SEO

You must register your website on Google search console and Create an XML sitemap to increase Domain Authority.

You should have mobile friendly website

Most people use mobile phones to search for any kind of results so make sure that your website looks amazing both on desktop as well as mobile. 

Minimum website loading time

Your website when searched must get loaded within 3 seconds. You can use fewer images or big files in your profile to increase search time. Most importantly use a theme that offers you fast loading time. It can be expensive but I am sure it will help to increase Page Rank.

Be patient 

Don’t create so many backlinks in a day because it takes time to rank. So, do not go for un-authorized things otherwise you may get negative results. Therefore, focus on every single small step.

I hope that after knowing this factor, you must have understoodthat if you want to increase Domain Authority of your website, then you have to focus on the website with high domain authority and you can check on MOZ that on how many keywords you are ranking by “Ranking Keyword” tool. 

Benefits of High DA

  • If your DA and PA are high, then it passes link juice without interruption, and chances of ranking increase.
  • Your website trust will be much higher if your DA is high.  
  • A website with high DA has a very good impression in case you send it to another website or any company for sponsorship. They will highly prefer such websites.
  • High DA will increase the earning of your website.

Check these tools to check your website DA

  • MOZ Extension

You cannot buy a good rank from any high Authority websites. You have to work hard to rank your site. You have to maintain consistency with a lot of patience. If your website ranks between 10 to 20 it is easy to lift up to 40 scores but after 40 it becomes a bit arduous to rank up because you have to fight with millions of competitors to get a good ranking. 

It is just a score if your rank is not good and below 30 it doesn’t mean that your website can’t get a good score. You can still do it by interlinking. You can interlink your old post to new ones to increase the average time of visitors on your page. 

It’s an old saying that guest posting used to increase the branding of your page, but it can be the best way to increase website traffic. Guest posting also increases the spam score because a lot of people follow the wrong method by posting the same URLs so many times on the same website. You must avoid link stuffing. To avoid this spam, post only related pages or websites as it leaves a positive impact on your page.

If your website is two months old then you don’t need to worry about rank. Just keep posting quality content on your page and focus on On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. It will definitely increase the quality of your website. Hiring a digital marketing company that provides SEO services is a great idea to improve your online presence on social media and rank higher on search engines using an improved DA.

Using social media platforms is one of the best options to increase your branding. You can make a Facebook business page of your website and increase user engagements and followers on your page. The more traffic you will earn to your page. Share your page and also look for groups or pages related to your niche because on the same niche you will find interesting visitors whom you can hold for a long time on your page. Following these steps ensures that there are all these characteristics of a good website present and is one of the best ways to increase domain authority without any extra effort.

Rank is very important for your overall performance. It is not just a number rather it’s the identity of your website. Another important thing you can do is find some highly authorized websites, visit their pages, and observe performances. You can learn what they did it and what are things you’re missing on your website.

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