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Case Study - BOXXPORT GmbH

BOXXPORT, the world’s first e-commerce platform in the container industry, provides an open marketplace where buyers and sellers from across the world interact and indulge into the online container trading process. It has gained much attention among customers because of the real-time insights into useful information and multiple negotiation it provides. Based in Hamburg in Germany, it is one of the fastest-growing container trading platforms of today. Customers claim to get their process optimized and increased profitability from the very first moment of use.

Client's business Goal

Though BOXXPORT itself holds a lot of offerings what they strived for most was a compelling digital presence globally. Only a well strategize digital marketing expertise could make it possible. They aimed to reach every countryside where people could access BOXXPORT with just a few clicks on their phones. They sought to be on top of the search engine result page where if anyone searched for shipping containers- their website would pop up at first.


Initial Business status

The Germany based site came up with a great idea which was merely practiced anywhere else in the world. But in order to flourish digitally in today’s competitive digital era, some major important things were missing, like-

  1. They did not have enough organic traffic on their website.
  2. They were ranking on the very least number of keywords.
  3. They would appear very little on local searches.

Our Proposed solutions

Setting up an e-commerce site is easy but the real challenge lies in getting customers to it. To deliver the exclusive result, our digital marketing team conducted exploratory research, identified the lacking points, made strong workable strategies. Our proposal included targeting from global keywords and then moving down to local keywords to target local regions. We laid down strategies to build a strong social media presence and online reputation activities to increase brand awareness.


Ranking BOXXPORT was quite challenging as being an e-commerce website, it comprised more dynamic pages and a smaller number of static pages. We were bound to follow content limitations on product description pages. Also, the single physical presence of BOXXPORT was another challenge to rank it for multiple locations worldwide. As per the client’s demand, they wanted to rank the BOXXPORT worldwide, and the website being live in only the English language was quite arduous, but we did it elegantly. A lot of top established container supplier companies were already ruling the top position as their rival and beating them was another milestone but thankfully we conquered it.

Business and Brand Value

To turn their dream into reality, we started with website optimization. We boosted their website traffic and get them ranked on potential keywords. With the incessant effort of our digital marketing approach, we could send reports that flashed increased traffic, leads, social media visibility, keyword ranking, etc. We were happy to listen from our client that within the few months of our SEO activities they started experiencing increased lead generations. Banyanbrain now manages their entire Digital Marketing intending to increase qualified leads and revenue.

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