Result-driven Social Media
Marketing Management

We are an emerging social media management agency, delivering excellent social media marketing plans to generate leads that could boost your businesses to new levels. We take the handle of your social media account and make them lead-generating machines.


Expedite your Social Media Marketing Results with our top SMM Services

Banyanbrain’s best social media marketing management services are tailor-made to administer your social media accounts. With a custom-built plan, we build brand awareness by incorporating social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can read our blog on Facebook ad campaign to know more. The methods used on these online channels involve having a wide knowledge about your prospective clients and then producing informative, enriched content without aiming merely at sales. Our online advertising services involve the most economical and targeted forms of advertising available today.

What do Banyanbrain Social Media
Services include?

Beginning with some in-depth research on your business and its competitors to creating content, posting it, and then reviewing it, we provide you with a full-fledged SMM plan to increase your reach on social media.

Thorough research analysis of competitors

Devising the right strategy and selection of the most appropriate channels for promotion

Setting up social media networks

Creation of keyword-rich and relevant content

Designing original image and video content for social media

Boost post-ad management

Dedicated social media team

Daily monitoring of your media platforms

Weekly and monthly reports about ongoing campaigns

Maintaining brand reputation by engaging with the audiences

Where can I make a strong presence on Social Media?

We major in all of these social media platforms that are widely used in the online world today. We know that each business has a different need for SMM services, what an HR Agency may require as their social media plan is not the same as what a restaurant requires. We develop your required strategies keeping your business needs in mind and focus only on those platforms which will generate the maximum leads.

Our process: How do Banyanbrain social media management services work?

Banyanbrain is an emerging social media marketing company offering SMM services and SMO services at affordable prices. With our digital marketing services, we work to increase the authority and reliability of our clients’ businesses. We empower their brand reputation by expanding their presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn, etc.

We follow a well-defined procedure for your SMM Campaign. The steps that we follow are:

Define the objectives for the promotion of your business

The first step to be followed is to define the goals of the business. Our social media specialists, with their research and inputs from your side, study the working of your business and then formulate a well-drafted strategy setting the long-term as well as short-term goals for the business. We have a hands-on approach towards setting the primary goals that are to be met in a specific time period for all our clients.

Comprehensive study of consumers

After the objectives are set, we then start working towards the behavioral analysis of the existing as well as potential customers which helps to create a plan for choosing the social media platforms and the content which will lead to the maximum amount of sale conversions. We do extensive research on clients that helps us to create a buyer persona that lists out the behaviors and demographics of your ideal customer and how that relates to their usage of their social-networking accounts.

Select social media platforms for effective promotion of the brand

Once we have a complete idea about the goals to be met and a deep understanding of who your customers are, our team of skilled professionals at Banyanbrain then brainstorm and select the right channels for your business where it will be most effective to post content and generate leads.

Observe competitors’ behavior

Once the social media platforms have been chosen, the most important step to be undertaken is to analyze the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Analyzing the competitors is extremely important and once we do it, you can see their weaknesses and use them as your USP (Unique Selling Points). You can even use them in your marketing campaign to emphasize your strengths.

Create and Curate Engaging Content

Content creation plays an extremely important role in deciding the overall aesthetic of your online pages. Content is the backbone in portraying how your business will look in front of your audiences. Banyanbrain gives this step huge significance, and we curate content that is interesting, engaging, and will lead to conversions.

Constantly monitor the work being done.

Content creation plays an extremely important role in deciding the overall aesthetic of your online pages. Content is the backbone in portraying how your business will look in front of your audiences. Banyanbrain gives this step huge significance, and we curate content that is interesting, engaging, and will lead to conversions.

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    Why partner with a social media management agency?

    One of the most important concepts in digital marketing is that your business should always be where your target audience is. In today’s digitally dominated world, one of the biggest demands of every business is having a social media presence. A social media agency can help ensure that for a business. Having a social media presence helps a brand remain active on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and others.

    We build brand recognition

    The main purpose of any social media marketing plan is to get your business talked about. Once people get an idea about who you are and what you do, they will gain confidence and trust you enough to buy your products or services. Banyanbrain helps you to take your brand to the next level by finding who your target customers actually are and then post relatable engaging content that will suit your audience and the platform is chosen for better engagement and better results.

    Increased Revenue

    Every business has the common objective of making profits. Online marketing including paid advertising is a cost-effective and reliable method of increasing income by using this additional stream of income. Banyanbrain is a social media agency that helps you to create brand awareness, which leads to more people knowing about you, which will increase your potential of a growing customer base.

    Improvement in SEO

    Not many people know this, but having a highly successful social media campaign helps in ranking you better in search engine results. Our social media team at Banyanbrain ensures that they create relevant and engaging content that gets the maximum amount of engagement and shares and it directs people back to your website link, which will boost your SEO rankings.

    Achieving Goals in Less Time

    The ultimate goal of a social media agency is to help a business effectively promote its brand across social media channels more effectively in less time. We help you to save time and monetary resources while you can concentrate on attaining your business goals which have a higher priority, which are providing good quality goods or services.

    We help you to measure and analyze your Social Media Campaigns

    Social media is one of those tools that can offer your business stats that are instantly measurable, unlike traditional media which has to be monitored over an extensive time period. With social media, you can test marketing messages and approaches for success or learn what modifications you need to make to learn what is working for business customer services and products. Metrics are critical in an engagement, and we make sure that our tracking and reporting protocols keep you in the loop regarding performance numbers.

    5 reasons to invest in professional Social Media Services

    There’s no questioning the influence of social media in our modern society, and our wider interactive process. But still, many businesses remain unsure whether it’s right for them, whether they need to have a social media presence. Today, almost every company invests time and money in the said digital facet. Here are a few essential reasons for companies and brands to invest in social media marketing:

    You can target a specific audience

    The beauty of social media marketing is that you can create targeted advertisements that reach a specific audience. You can select people based on their demographics, occupation, skills, likes, dislikes, region, and much, much more. Rather than hoping and praying for traffic to come to you, social media presents a path to approach your audience directly. Whether through remarketing ads or shout-outs on Instagram, people are more than willing to engage with the brands they support.

    Social media is convenient

    SMM means taking part in a lot of social media platforms to promote your business. You can market your products or services by writing a blog, article marketing, and posting visual content that helps to get customers to see what your business is all about. It allows your brand promotion in a cost-effective, fast, and interactive way. This is the best method to know the perspective of your audiences and make your brand consumer-friendly.

    Building Brand Awareness

    Social media is a great platform to show off the more humane side of your business. You can talk about your staff, your culture, and the reason behind your business and make your customers a part of your journey. This acts as an integral touchpoint for customers to understand who you are and what you do before they purchase from you.

    Once you’ve made loyal customers, your followers will grow even more, as it’s only natural for happy customers to talk positively about a product or service they get from you

    The Perfect Place to Curate User-Generated Content

    User-generated content is any content that is created by the people instead of brands. It involves texts, images, videos, reviews, etc. Customers are more likely to view your user-generated content if it is considered more authentic, and they can relate to that kind of content. It makes your target audiences trust you which helps to boost them into making a purchasing decision.

    Team up with Banyanbrain as your SMM Agency

    We’re a digital agency focused on creative and results-driven solutions. We strategize your SMM campaigns with clearly defined goals, content, and platforms to maximize your ROI from SMM. Our fully equipped Social Media Team at Banyanbrain will evaluate your existing social networking campaigns and offer inputs on how you can improve your online presence.