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What are the Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021?

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Digital marketing trends, 2021 have been hugely affected since the arrival of COVID -19 as it has shifted consumer behavior. Where people used to go out, now they are looking for digital marketing services that are available at one click. It was seen during 2020 that e-commerce sales skyrocketed and video-conferencing and spending time on social media became a norm, this was the time when digital marketing services flourished as people started consuming more content and companies needed to understand consumers. When everything got changed in 2020, a huge change in the digital marketing trend of 2020 was also seen and the effect of 2020 is clearly evident in 2021. 

There is a pattern that is being followed nowadays- one is focusing on real issues to engage more and more people and the other is mechanical and technical enhancement works like Search Engine Optimization and Local Search Engine Optimization who are continuously working in the back for all happy customers and not get noticed. 

So, let’s see the Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021 

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are websites that function like mobile apps. They are more compatible to use as they don’t stick to Android or iOS platforms for working and offer faster loading time, allow to work offline, push notifications, and use the device hardware. They are perfect for any device that works just like mobile phones and are being prevalently incorporated by businesses. 

Automated Smart Bidding Strategies in Google Ads

Smart Bidding Feature on Google Ads is in trend these days. With millions of competitions available, getting organic reach is becoming very hard. But with Smart Bidding Strategies on Google Ads, the advertisers are giving the handle to the AI system of Google. By using an AI system to analyze the competitions and focusing on Smart Bidding Strategies the businesses are gaining better organic traffic and getting better returns on investments. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is growing its dominance more than ever. It is in vogue for analyzing the behavior of consumers and find a pattern in them. They use social media channels and blog posts to understand that what people look for in products and services. They are going to become the face of our basic communication as people are tending towards using them in businesses more. In the future, they are going to be used for, communication purposes, content creation, product recommendation, and email personalization, and E-commerce transactions as well. 


Chatbots are an important part of the digital marketing trends of 2021. They are AI-based technology in which instant messaging is used to chat in real-time disregarding the time. They are there to respond to the queries of consumers 24/7 by providing them with prompt answers without being impatient. They are being incorporated by businesses to supply quick answers to the consumers so that they can focus on their real work. 


Personalization is the new norm today to get connected with the consumers. When consumers feel they are personally attached to the business’s services and products, they tend to connect and take the services more. Businesses can stand out by using personalized content, products, emails, and whatnot. The more the services are personalized the more they attract the consumers. 

Conversational Marketing

The marketing needs to be more conversational so the consumers feel more engaged and close to the services that businesses are offering. Conversational marketing is the process of connecting marketers and consumers. The main goal is to increase user experience by using a feedback-driven model that instills engagement and loyalty between consumers and marketers. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing is catching up with emerging trends rapidly as it highly engages the consumers. And it is not only done on YouTube but also on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and other such platforms. The businesses that include videos in their websites are likely to achieve more organic traffic and capture consumer’s attention. This has given rise to keep in check with video Search Engine Optimization so that video can be optimized to get a better ranking on search engine result pages. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses key leaders famous on different platforms to spread the message about the brand, promote it to the people who follow them religiously. Influencers are the people who are famous on certain social media channels, they may be celebrities, high profile personalities in their field, or some normal person who has grown their followers by influencing them. 

Start with Inclusion

The key is including topics that give preference to all and should not be biased towards any on grounds like races, sexualities, physical disabilities, and others. Today is the era when if you are talking about the services or products, or you are putting any blog, image, or video on social media and that is biased then be ready to be excluded. The thought process is already changing. The younger generation wishes to see equality in the content and if your services or product is doing that then they will welcome you with open arms. The search engine optimization tools and keyword-related search is taking the main platform as digital marketing agencies are providing companies to understand the mindset of people and help them produce more inclusive content. 

Adapt Sustainability

People now are more aware of the environment and love any service that promotes an environment-friendly mentality. They are keen on spending money on those products and services only that matches their idea of saving their planet. So, if you want to attract consumers and build trust with them then you should also adapt to sustainable services. Internet marketing companies help the companies adopt sustainable practices to not lose their consumers.

Create Interactive Content

In the present time, consumers are not passive that just get the services or products. Today the scenario is changing as customers want to be engaged and want to know more about the business. They will look forward to the services only if they feel they are also being engaged. Interactivity provides your consumers with satisfaction and enjoyment.

Digital marketing agencies help companies with Content Marketing services that aid them to understand the consumer’s behavior. So that they can make them more interested by engaging them with quizzes, open-ended surveys, giveaways, and many other techniques. This helps in increasing the length of time they engage with the services and you will also get to know about their needs. This activity increases the user-based experience as well. When you especially choose services for the consumers, you are creating a sense of personalized and customer-engaging services, which no one can ignore.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the increasing facet in Search Engine Optimization services as they have more power to convert consumers. The consumers who are searching for a specific type of service locally are more bent to purchase it. You have to keep checking and updating on the local SEO algorithm if the business runs on the local level as the local SEO algorithm is frequently changed by Google. The website will rank up locally by engaging with the local audience. 

The page is optimized keeping in view that the website is available both online and offline. It is always better to increase the geographical presence to get more traffic to your business. Internet marketing services are there to help businesses with the local SEO. By following the guide to Local Search Engine Optimization, you can find a way to improve the business locally.

Consumer Privacy and Consent

Consumer privacy and consent is an on-growing digital trend of 2021. Though, it is not a new trend but a rising trend that is being in vogue since recent years and being given due importance in 2021 as well. Now online marketing agencies help in offering to keep your privacy on top and they won’t go ahead without taking your consent. As we are technologically growing, consumer privacy and consent is the most understood and underestimated point as well. But you have to understand that you get respect when you give respect.

Content Marketing

Through Content Marketing, consumer’s traffic can be increased on the website. Today consumer is not passive. They want to know about the company through videos, blogs, images, and others to know more about your company. They are more aware so they would spend only when the content is compatible with their ideas. An Internet marketing company helps in enhancing the company’s presence online so that the businesses gain more traffic by using the correct local SEO services. 

Voice Search

Voice search usage has increased during 2021. With the increase in smartphones and people tending to use mobile technology more, the voice search increases the search rate for those who can’t type. 

Voice search is used in two ways: one by using the speaker for search purposes instead of typing and then Google generates answers based on the web search.

The other is opting for the voice command to get an answer in speech. This can be done by using Alexa or Google Home.

You can use a voice-based search engine to increase Voice Search Optimization, keyword search, on-page optimization, and others to increase your ROI.

Now is the time to focus on how to connect with customers sustainably and how to keep the approach consumer-centric due to the changed course of digital marketing trends 2021. Change is mandatory and an integral part of digital marketing and the companies should know how to adapt towards it so that you can prove your metal. But for a better website online presence, you need a good digital marketing company to help with good Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization services

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