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Banyanbrain is a top PPC services company in Delhi providing the benefit of the best-paid ad services. We help your company in gaining more revenues to the extent that one can say our Pay-per-click services are directly proportional to your increased number of sales. Our data-driven insights and PPC strategies are known to garner the best results and help you get maximum returns as we strategize a roadmap and systematic plan for every project. Analyzation, evaluation, designing, implementation, and then tracking of results is the approach that our PPC experts incorporate and this is what makes Banyanbrain, one of the best PPC companies in Delhi NCR. 


What makes PPC so necessary?

By taking PPC services, the businesses get to experience extreme control on the way they spend on paid ads. One can boost paid advertisements in the areas where they see they are getting effective results and stop or lessen the ad spend where there are no results. With Banyanbrain, the leading PPC marketing agency in Delhi, you get a far better and fruitful ROAS or return-on-ad spend. Our services help you gain a leg in your industry over your competitors.

PPC Services

Search Ads

With the help of search advertisements, we help your company rank higher on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. We also place online advertisements on different web pages that have been already published to get more traffic. Our search ads services let you go high on SERPs and helps your company get brand awareness and brand identity to remember by.

Display Ads

To increase your online presence, our logo and graphic designers create compelling advertisements with images, texts, banners, etc. We use PPC’s specific display ads services and target the right potential consumers by targeting the right social media platforms. For every image, we use the appropriate descriptions by using the high potential keywords. With powerful display ads, the consumers become bound to your services, products, or offerings and come back again to seek them.


With PPC’s remarketing services you generate the recall action in your customers. For the consumers, who didn’t engage in your services the first time, we re-engage them with strong remarketing strategies. The interest, which spiked the buyers but was not enough to make them buy, we reignite that interest and tempt them into buying what they have left in their wish lists.

Product listing ads

Our product listing ads services help you generate more potential leads. And you get assured sales with this potential lead generation. We help you showcase all your services, products, or offering images, price information, or any other related information. This gives them ease of purchasing from your websites directly. The consumers get to land directly on the products pages with this service.

Google Shopping Ads

Our Google shopping ads have the power to increase the brand visibility of your business. We create online marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness. We incorporate influential keywords that catch everyone’s attention so that anyone who comes along with your services cannot stop themselves from taking it. Your revenue starts shooting up with the relevant Google shopping ads that we keep posting. This boosts your product's promotion along with the business.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the most perfect approaches that we incorporate to convert your one-time visitors into returning consumers. Nowadays mostly everyone uses smartphones and with mobile advertising services, Banyanbrain being a top PPC firm helps your business reach every nook and corner. Mobile phones have made it easier to reach and interact with your target audiences.

PPC Process

At Banyanbrain, one of the top PPC agencies in Delhi, we formulate the best-laid plans and go through the advanced PPC approaches to carry on PPC processing. The way we proceed in implementing PPC services is delineated below.

Keyword Suggestions

The PPC specialists at Banyanbrain know what they are actually doing. We carry on extensive analysis and find the keywords that are going to change the whole game. With our high potential keywords, you get more lead generation and conversion opportunities. After understanding your competitor’s keyword and consumer search habits, we keep refining the keywords list. This results in exponential performance increase and traffic growth.

PPC Copywriting

Content is the essence of any ad copy. The team of content writers at Banyanbrain being adept in writing skills helps carry on PPC campaigns by writing flawless, creative, and interesting ad copies. Our ad copies instantly draw your consumer’s attention and make them land on your website. The enticing ad copies are well proofread and are an amalgamation of alluring titles and descriptions. With our advertisement copies, your website gets more clicks and hence your return on investments shoot up.

Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking

We, at Banyanbrain being a prime PPC marketing agency keeps track of every click that your visitors or consumers make. Not only clicks, the calls that your customers make to you in order to know about your services are also on our tracking list. Tracking these along with conversion tracking helps us in tracking the whole path your consumers take. This leads us in calculating the overall growth and sales. With conversion/call/sales tracking we provide calculated results to help you get tremendous calculable benefits.

Bid Management

Our pay-per-click experts bid on high potential keywords so that we can bring an exponential amount of revenues to your doorstep. The close monitoring of every keyword is carried on by them so you’re your business can reap more benefits. We put our focus on the least competitive keywords that are most targeted so that through high potential keyword bidding, your paid ads can rank higher on search engine

Performance Reporting

Banyanbrain is known for its premium PPC management services. We document and share all the PPC advertisement reports with you regularly to help you make aware of all the proceedings from time to time. We work with transparency so that you always know about your money flow. With our well-analyzed PPC reporting services, you can track all the traffic that has increased. Along with it, you can also check the Click-Through-Rate to check on keyword performance. Revenue tracking also becomes easier with it.

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What makes Banyanbrain the best PPC Services Company in Delhi?

Banyanbrain is an ingenious Pay-per-click advertising company that helps you in your companies’ and businesses’ outstanding revenue growth. Our PPC experts keep track of all PPC activities so that you are never in the dark. With our advanced PPC strategies, your business reaches new skies. We have helped many local and international companies with our data-driven insights. We not only analyze your website but also your competitor’s website as well so that the Pay-per-click campaigns that we incorporate are flawless. They have the potential to give your business a standing to vouch for in the industry. Our unmatchable PPC services make all the difference for your exceptional business.

Why Banyanbrain?

Banyanbrain provides a stellar PPC services company in India to help you get the most fruitful results. Our Pay-per-click strategists provide scalable results as they have clear visions. We formulate the best PPC design plans for a better approach. Our deft team tracks and analyzes all the data and keywords so that your business is always out in the market. 

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