Email Privacy Policy Guidelines


This email and any attachments transmitted along with it are classified information and are solely intended for use by the entity or individual to whom it has been addressed. If you are not the concerned addressee and received this email by error, we request you to kindly report it to your system manager to get rid of this email. This email’s purpose is to serve the named addressee only. If you are not the intended individual, kindly do not disseminate, distribute or reproduce this email by/or for any means. We urge you to kindly notify the sender as soon as possible if you received this email by mistake and make sure to delete it from your system. If you are not the intended recipient, we inform you that utilizing, copying, distributing or taking action concerning the contents of this email and the information associated with it are strictly prohibited.

No Liability for unintended transmission of viruses

It’s not uncommon that emails can transmit computer viruses. The recipients are requested to ensure that the email and its attachments are free of viruses before accessing it. The company denies all the liabilities for any damage or harm caused by unintentional viruses transmitted via emails. We do not guarantee email transmission to be secure, virus-free, and error-free as the contents of the emails can be intercepted, modified, amended, corrupted, omitted, lost or destroyed. The recipient, therefore, may receive a lost or incomplete or modified message as a result of the risks of email transmission. The sender denies any associated liability arising due to the unintentional transmission of viruses via email or attachments.

Negligent Misstatement

Our company does not entertain any query or liability arising due to the contents of this email. We are not answerable for any consequences or any subsequent actions taken in reliance on the information contained in the email. The only exception is if you can subsequently confirm it in a written document. If you are not the intended addressee, you are with this notified that we strictly prohibit you from using, copying, or intercepting this email’s information.

Unlawful Contracts

We prohibit our employees/agents from finalizing biding or entering contracts via email on behalf of the company with the clients, authorized in case of expressed written confirmation by the company’s director.

Employer’s liability

The contents of this email solely present the views or opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the company’s views. We expect the employees to refrain from making defamatory or derogatory remarks exclusively in the email. We expressly require our employees not to authorize infringement of copyright or any other legal right by email communications. Our company policies do not encourage such communications via email, and they are contrary to the ideal employee behaviour expected at our company. The company denies any liability arising due to such interactions, and the employee will be personally liable for the incurred damages.

Hopefully, this answers all your concerns about the email privacy policy guidelines. For further queries, contact us ­