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Banyanbrain is an emerging PPC services company in Mumbai with its wide range of data-driven insights and pool of exceptional professionals. When it comes to garnering the best results from Pay per click advertising, Our PPC consultants are the best in the market. In today’s arena, the key to success is not just being smart but making smart moves. And investing wisely in PPC management services makes the growth rate of your company directly proportional to the amount invested in PPC ads. Proper in-depth research of your business, studying the approaches of your competitors, analyzing your aims and objectives, etc. are a few of the key aspects that our PPC specialists incorporate in devising the best strategy for your business.

What makes PPC advertising so necessary?

Close monitoring of the amount spent on paid advertisements will help you regulate your cash outflow in ad marketing. You can wisely choose to spend on ads that have higher return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and simultaneously pull out from PPC campaigns that are not generating enough revenues. At Banyanbrain, our top-notch PPC specialists will help you devise the PPC strategy best suited for your business enabling you to dominate the PPC frontier in the digital market.

Our PPC Services in Mumbai

Search Ads

Search ads play a pivotal role in boosting the ROI of a company by placing them on established pages and search engines to attract the maximum organic traffic. Our PPC consultants help you gain supremacy over your competitors by enhancing your online visibility on global search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Our search ads services are exceptional in lifting your ranking high on SERPs and creating a brand identity and reputation that leaves an impact on viewers' minds.

Display Ads

Our expert logo and graphic designers devise custom PPC strategies to invest in creative display ads. These eye-catchy PPC-specific display ads contain lucrative tests, images, banners, etc that bring the targeted traffic to your website. Our highly skilled content creators use an amalgamation of vibrant images and associated descriptions optimized with high potential keywords to win over clients' attention.


With our best PPC management services, we devise ways to tempt consumers in buying products that caught their attention but couldn't make way to their orders. Our PPC services aim at reigniting those lost interests with deals that consumers can't afford to miss out on. Our remarketing specialists engage the potential customers with strong remarketing strategies.

Product listing ads

This is a very useful tool in generating qualitative leads. With our product listing ads services, We showcase all our products, services, offerings, and related information on your website. This makes it convenient for the consumers to access all the information at once and ensure the assured purchase of products and service packages.

Google Shopping Ads

This is the king of all the services. Since Google is universally and the most commonly used search engine, google marketing ads help in generating maximum revenue from the relevant google ads that our PPC specialists keep posting. They are pivotal in improving your online brand visibility with the incorporation of potential keywords. Our PPC campaigns are self-sufficient to enhance brand awareness while simultaneously shooting up the growth curves.

Mobile Advertising

Since mobiles are the omnipresent tech gadgets these days. Mobile advertising is the most effective approach of targeting an organic audience. Banyanbrain with its world-class mobile ad services helps in creating brand awareness, building brand reputation, and catching the attention of people who would have otherwise just passed by and converting them into long term customers.

PPC Process

Banyanbrain is a top-notch digital marketing service provider that stands as the best PPC services company in Mumbai. Our PPC specialists have a simple fundamental, client satisfaction. We formulate custom PPC services best suited for clients.

Keyword Suggestions

In-depth research of the market, your business, and your competitors are the pillars in analyzing the best PPC strategy for your business. Our PPC experts know what they are capable of. They generate high potential keywords that pave the way in bringing the targeted traffic in extensive numbers to your website. Your websites are optimized with these keyword suggestions that help your page go high up on SERPs.

PPC Copywriting

The core of all the ad services is quality content. Our expert pool of content writers are extremely capable of creating enticing content that lures customers hard sought attention to land them on your website. Our content writers are the backbone of our successful PPC campaigns. Its their creative mind that created wonderfully interesting and alluring ad copies that are keyword optimized and adequately proofread.

Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking

At Banyanbrain, our extensive Pay-Per-Click advertising services aren't limited to PPC ads services only. We also keep a record of every click that customers make, every product that they search for, all the calls they make to enquire about products. This effective tracking helps in understanding the customer mindset and devising calculated strategies to entice the consumer pool.

Bid Management

Our PPC solutions are based on bidding on high potential keywords that face the least competition. This, in turn, increases the page ranking of your website, by increasing the online visibility of your business. And this further is the essential means to generate enormous revenues from paid ads services. Our team of PPC specialists is specifically designated to closely monitor the response to these PPC solutions.

Performance Reporting

Now, this is what helps Banyanbrain to grow day by day. Properly documented minute details of sales and services help us in improvising our PPC services and winning clients' trust with our previous satisfactory customer credentials. Our cloud-based solutions help you to regularly stay on tip of your toes about your revenues and keep the progress of your business in check. Our top-notch reporting services are the essence for maintaining 100% transparency with our customers. This allows you to track the revenue, increase in traffic, and keyword performance by tracking Click-through-rate.

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Why choose Banyanbrain as your PPC services company in Mumbai?

Banyanbrain is one of the best internet marketing companies in Mumbai online known to provide stellar PPC solutions globally. With the premium services offered by expert and exceptional professionals of Banyanbrain, the sky is the limit.  Our PPC experts are extensively invested in getting you the deliverables that matter to you. We track your progress, study your business, conduct in-depth research analysis on your competitors, and devise the best PPC strategy for your business to get you the maximum return on ad spend. Our PPC strategists help you track all our activities and approaches to keep a direct check on your business. We have a history of satisfactory customer experience across the globe, joining hands with us will definitely boost your growth performance, generate exponential revenues and gain a leg over your competitors by building your brand an identity that’s impossible to forget about.

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