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10 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid

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Digital or online marketing being the new age marketing method is evolving rapidly and the way it seems easy is not the truth. As a matter of fact, it involves practices that are hard to master. Trying out new tools and tactics brings new possibilities but you are also bound to make some common digital marketing mistakes that impact your process. Though you will bounce back, with the help of this article, you can limit them and avoid them to some extent. In this article, we will learn about some common digital marketing mistakes that marketers often make and how you can avoid them for any negative consequences.

A general question most digital marketing companies are seen putting forward is even after practicing every requisite of digital marketing they do not get a satisfactory result. That’s when you wonder what mistakes you might be making.

What are some common digital marketing mistakes?

Do not follow a theme

Theme plays a major role in whether you are designing a website, template, banner or drafting content. Your theme should be unique and the same in everything you do. For example- You have chosen the blob design for the icons or images. Then you should keep these things in mind while website designing, logo and graphic designing.

The theme is equally important for the content. Follow an identical theme while drafting content either for blog, article or social media post. No matter what the topic may be. 

A unique theme is important because

  • It gives your brand a unique identity
  • It gives structure to your plan
  • It fuels creativity
  • It ensures you cover all key messages.

Less interaction with customers

We get so indulge in other activities of internet marketing that we often forget that our core agenda is to interact more and more with customers. No doubt you would be working hard in writing articles, interlinking, posting, business listings, etc but everything is worthless until you do not interact with your customers on time. Even a single customer can bring worth to months of your efforts.

People don’t care about your product; they find what benefit it can bring into their life. Instead of featuring your product, do customer interaction and tell them how your offering can transform their life.

Impress spider instead of people

Make sure that you’re marketing your product for people and not the spiders. Don’t just bang on for crawling. Make your content relevant enough that you do not need much effort in crawling them by google bots. Good content comes into the light because that’s what people demand. This is when content marketing comes into play.

Blurred Vision

It’s very important to have clearly defined goals that you want to achieve. We often set goals that are unrealistic or difficult to achieve within the targeted time. A goal without a clearly defined time is unachievable. Set your goal and write it down on paper till what time you want to achieve it. Whether it is to increase traffic, social engagement, boost ranking, or anything. To avoid this, you must sit down and introspect about your goal, vision and your purpose related to it. This will help you to work in the right direction rather than working day and night directionless.

Content spinning

Being a digital marketer or SEO expert, you cannot deny that ‘content is the king’ and thus it needs to be real and true to its value. Content spinning is a very common mistake that people do thinking that it will have no harm on SEO. Spinning may be cheap and less time-consuming, but it can cost you dearly. Plagiarism and spinning are illegal. Google bots now inspect every bit of your content even more smartly than they used to years ago. The Google flag spun content more frequently, trash the page rank for the duplicate. It’s better to hire a content writer who could write fresh and qualitative content than having your page blocked by Google.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is a powerful weapon for successful digital marketing. The first step for social interaction is to create an alluring profile on all the trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, etc. SMO (Social Media Optimization) is one of the widely accepted form of internet marketing. Today, more than 3 billion people are found to be on one or the other social media platform. And that’s why it brings to you the biggest source of customers. 

But having a social presence is not just what is required rather your post, content, how frequently and how beautifully you interact with your customer is another most important thing you need to do. Whatever you post, it must have an end goal of interacting with your followers, adding value and getting them to a specific action. 

  • Create catchy content with influencing headlines
  • Engage customers by putting questions, facts, opinions related to your content.
  • Post to educate, entertain and inspire people.
  • Go live and let people see what you are up to.

Be a rigid well frog

Well, the above phrase is not meant to offend but it’s somewhat true to the fact. Most of us are so busy working on old days made strategies that we do not have rooms for new information surging in the market. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is very dynamic in nature. The sooner you will accept it the closer you will get to your goal. It’s crucial to keep up to date on the latest trend in the field. The industry is incessantly evolving. What people expected 10 years is not the same. You need to keep update with changing people’s expectations, technology trends, Search Engine algorithms, etc. keep an eye on your competitor, what are they up to and how do they manage to get customers and what new strategies they are following. 

Give less importance to interlinking

While a large chunk of people takes the complete advantage of keyword interlinking most of the digital marketing agencies often ignore this or find it less relevant or of no importance. Keyword interlinking is that part of SEO that shoot up your ranking.

Interlinking is the process of linkingweb pages to one another. The link on certain keyword on websites when clicked, redirects users to another page within the same website.

With interlinking, you get your user to spend more time on your website than what he could have thought of. Where a user could think to read a single article on your website, with interlinking, he would end up reading two to three articles more or visiting other corners of your site spending a long time. This not just increases your website visit time but doing so customers are able to find some things of their interest and look forward to purchasing your product.

Besides, Google highly considers a well-interlinked website and rank them at top of other websites with an average interlinking. 

No promotion

People won’t be able to know about your offering until you do not let them know. At an initial level, one really needs to work hard in order to gain website traffic to the website, post, content, etc. Share your post and content with your friends and family and ask them to share with their contacts. Also, ask them to give you feedback and what they liked about your post. It might seem cheap and ugly to ask people to read your post and most of them do not really care to give time reading it. But at least 60% of your contact will definitely love to see what you are up to and they will also fill your inbox with feedback. 

Unless and until you will not promote your content, you cannot expect leads generation and sales conversion. Online promotion increases the visibility of your website and helps you reach new customers. Once your website gains momentum, you will experience constant traffic to your website. 

Never announce prizes or offer discount

Do you remember the crowd outside the supermarkets hanging big hoardings stating ‘50% off on household sales’ or ‘Buy two get one free’? Offer, discount, coupons, or prizes are something that excites customers to buy products even when they have no plans for shopping. While shopping, the customer thinks of the benefit he will be getting from specific products or services. And knowing that the certain thing is available on a 20% or 50% discount, he/she is less likely to miss it. These are a great way to acquire new customers and retain old customers.

You can also engage customers by putting forward a few questions related to your product or services. And whoever answers all correct, praise him/her with a prize. This is one of the best ways to engage your customers online and promote your business to the next level.


So now when you have come to the end, I hope you would take into consideration all the above-discussed topics and reach another level in your work. Well, apart from the above-mentioned points, a very common mistake most of the business make is by hiring a less reliable digital marketing company. Whether you’re a newbie or a well-established business, it’s a prerequisite to investing in a reliable and trustworthy digital marketing company. At Banyanbrain, being a leading digital marketing agency, we understand your business in detail, make workable digital marketing strategies for your business and bring measurable results while taking your business to new heights. 

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