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A detailed Guide on Domain Authority and Page Authority

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Online marketing is the process of leveraging online mediums to convey a message about a business’s products, services, etc. to its potential customers. It is a set of tools that are used to promote products and services via the internet. This blog focuses on an important aspect of online marketing- Domain Authority and Page Authority and why are these terms essential for any business that wants an online presence on the web.

Online marketing can also be referred to as internet marketing, digital advertising, and many more. It comprises several branches like e-mail, social media, PPC, SEO, ORM, and many more.

Having an effective online marketing strategy is essential for any business as it helps them to raise their brand awareness by establishing their online presence across the internet.

SEO plays a major role in the process of search engine advertising. How a website ranks on the Search Engine Result Pages plays a crucial role in determining the leads generated by any online campaign!

Now that we have briefed you about online advertising and what SEO is all about, we come to our point of focus: Domain Authority and Page Authority. In this blog, we will provide you with a beginner’s to what page authority and domain authority are and why they are an important element of the process of SEO.

Domain Authority and Page Authority


Whenever you make a google search, how many oooo’s of Google do you scroll through? Not more than 2-3, I suppose. Because that’s what the statistics say. You might have noticed that the most reputed and large scales companies always appear at the top of the SERP. Now, simplifying it for you, this is done by Domain Authority.

Domain authority is an SEO metric that is used to provide insights into how your website is performing on the search engines. Domain authority is the reputation of your website that search engines analyze to ensure that your website is providing high-quality, engaging content about your niche. If you meet the criteria for the content that should be on your website, you will have a good domain authority and the search engine will enhance your rankings.

A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the better the ability to rank on SERPs. Over 40 elements are considered including the number of links to the site, links from your site to other sites, and many other factors to calculate your score. This score determines how your website will perform on a google search. If you have a low score, then it implies that you will not rank up on the search engine rankings.

Your DA is an important factor in determining how your website rank on search engines, and having a higher DA score means that your SEO efforts are not being wasted and you will meet your goals.

Now, coming to the point you all have been waiting for, what to do in order to improve your Domain Authority? The answer lies right here.

How to improve your Domain Authority?

When you take the first step that is registering for a domain, it usually takes some time to build up a good authority about it. A lot of factors are considered to decide whether your website has a good domain authority or not, some being, good SEO techniques, the site being mobile-friendly, ensure good quality content on your website, and so on.

However, apart from these, the most fundamental key factor in this is your link profile. It plays the biggest part in ranking website on the SERP and generating traffic.

Here we will tell you about some steps to follow to ensure a good DA, and eventually, a better website ranking.

  1. Work on your link profile

Obtaining backlinks from high DA websites will ensure that your domain authority is improved. The search engine then considers your website to be trustworthy and authoritative. If there are a large number of links on your content getting back to other reputed websites, it tells the search engine that your website has valued data and it should thus be located higher on the result page.

  1. Create compelling and relatable content

Having factually correct and unique content is a vital way to improve your DA. Your content should be absolutely top-class so that it attracts viewers who will eventually link it to their websites as well. You need to also take full care that your content is understandable by search engines. You can do this by including SEO-friendly keywords in your content which will help search engines to rank your website in the top places.

  1. Make certain that you have a secure website

Secure sites will ALWAYS get a higher ranking than non-secure sites. There are a lot of ways to ensure this:

  • Your website URL should start with https instead of http.
  • Change all your passwords regularly.
  • When you change your passwords ensure that they have special characters and use a password manager to keep track of your passwords.

For the ones wondering what score is considered as a good Domain Authority score, we suggest that any score ranging above 60 is considered as a pretty decent Domain Authority score and you should keep on working on certain techniques to take it even higher.

There you have it, a detailed guide on what exactly is Domain Authority and why you need it.

Moving on to Page Authority.


Just like Domain Authority, Page Authority is also a metric that is used by search engines to forecast how well a particular webpage will rank on the search engines. It is essentially the same as DA, the difference being that here the search engines look at individual webpages instead of a whole website domain.

A higher PA score determines a more prominent position on the results page. PA mainly evaluates the value of the backlink profile of an individual webpage. It is an analysis between your web pages and that of your competitors, solely based on your link profiles.

Accomplishing an ideal page authority for your webpage can be done by properly planned link building and creating relevant content along with will stellar SEO services.

To know how Page Authority is calculated, it is a 100-point logarithmic scale on which it is calculated. This score usually starts from 10-20 and grows to 70-80 depending on the content created and how effective the SEO practices are.

How to improve Page Authority?

Some ways that can be considered if you want your webpage to rank higher on search engine results are-

  1. Creating fresh content

Having meaningful content that tells your target audience what your business is all about boosts your rankings on the results pages. The better your content, the more it is shared by visitors on their websites which improves your PA score.

  1. Usage of images on the webpage

Images play a big role in impacting the quality of your page authority. Original images help to make your content more readable to viewers, can be shared by visitors, and help in making SEO- friendly webpage.

  1. Regularly remove harmful links from your webpage

Even if your content is original and your link profile is up to the mark, if there are spam links that are directing visitors to your page, it instantly lowers your PA score and also nullifies all the efforts made by all the good links.

Even though Page Authority measures the ranking position of a single webpage, whereas Domain Authority measures the quality of an entire domain, they are both calculated using the same systems. There is not much difference in calculating the metrics of these two, but their impact in determining how a website performs overall in the SERPs is noteworthy.

Whatever your business is about, every company’s online marketing objective is to increase traffic in order to generate leads. To learn about how your webpage or website is ranking on the search engines can be determined by calculating your Domain Authority and Page Authority scores. You can then plan accordingly on how to improve your existing scores.

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