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Banyanbrain is an evolving digital marketing agency that provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions including Voice Search Optimization. Every business has the main objective of generating leads to increase conversions and we aim at providing solutions that will increase your ROI and boost brand awareness.

Rank Higher on the Search Engine Results Pages with our effective Voice SEO Services

At Banyanbrain, we implement the trendiest techniques and incorporate the latest SEO tactics. This is how we majorly provide Voice SEO services seeing the advanced Voice search in vogue. Though it started as a minor concept, it is now taking the digital world by storm. More and more people are preferring to use voice searches over text searches today. That is where we come in as we optimize the content on your web pages based on long phrased sentenced and the phrasal words people use more.  We know the concept of voice search started with smartphones and has now transferred to smart speakers and voice assistance devices all over the world. Voice Search Optimization is the future of internet searches, and if you haven’t invested in this service till now, it is high time that you do. Get in touch with our professional team at Banyanbrain and get yourself a strategy that comprises advanced voice SEO service.

What is Voice Search Optimization?

Before we get to Voice Search Optimization, let us tell you what exactly voice search is. Voice search is the process of internet search where a user uses their voice to conduct internet research instead of searching it by text. Over the years, the number of people who have started using voice search instead of manually typing has increased rapidly, thus we know it is essential now to include in your digital marketing strategy. As we understand the futuristic needs of your consumers, we can adeptly take care of your business by adopting the newest SEO trends. Our ORM specialists can expertly cater to your need for Voice Search SEO and help your web pages rank higher on SERPs.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is an important aspect of digital marketing today. By using this, modern and more practical approach, we change the way you rank on search engines.

The 2 main elements of Voice Search Optimization are:

#1 Conversational Search Results

Conversational search is a new type of technology for human-computer interaction. It is the process where a user can utter a sentence into a smartphone or a voice assistant, and the device responds by answering in a complete sentence. It is the manner of using a particular technology and getting a response as though you are talking to another human being. We know that the traditional form of Google searches mostly analyzed keywords, but in a conversational search, the technology can evaluate the whole sentence, rather than picking out specific keywords.

With an exponential rise in voice devices over the past few years, search engines are constantly developing more complex natural language patterns.

A major part of conversational search is the use of long-tail keywords. We, at Banyanbrain, devise an advanced Voice SEO approach keeping the conversational search in mind. By incorporating the long-tailed keywords and phrases, we develop the content of your webpage so that when one searches for the services related to you they land on your website.

#2 Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are short snippets of text that are presented at the top of Google’s search results page. The content in a featured snippet is what Google thinks is the best answer to a question asked. Google displays them at the top of the results page, before the organic results, showcasing the most relevant selection of the website which answers the search made. According to sources, almost 30% of 1.4 million Google searches today now have Featured Snippets. That is a huge number. Websites that appear in these snippets tend to have a higher click-through rate and hence, more traffic. Google presented featured snippets to customize its result pages to deliver on the go and a practical approach, voice search. These are the topmost pertinent results that are read aloud as a reply to voice searches. That is where we make you reach as we understand that featuring on snippets is every company’s dream. We optimize your webpage with qualitative content and follow every latest technology to make you achieve the featured snippet.

The two important elements of Voice Search Optimization:

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    Importance of voice SEO

    Technology is one thing that is developing constantly with every minute passing. Every business needs to incorporate the latest technological developments in its business strategies to ensure conversions.

    Voice SEO is turning out to be a necessity for marketers in today’s date. Some top benefits of Voice Search Optimization are:

    Beneficial to Local SEO Campaigns

    Understanding that Voice Search Optimization plays a huge role in improving local SEO campaigns. We carry on the avant-garde Voice SEO to enhance your local reach. By amalgamating local SEO and voice SEO, we help your businesses rank higher in search engine results. As we know that people use a different way to type as they do while conducting a voice search. We fully optimize your content for both text and voice-based searches. By using the services, we help firms enhance their local SEO campaigns to target their location-based target audience.

    Helps searchers trust your brand

    When people use voice search to obtain information, they believe that the information provided is factual and from relevant sources. If a search engine shows a result of your website as a voice search result, it means that the user is most likely to trust your brand and make a buying decision. Voice Search Optimization of the website for voice search helps to increase traffic for your business which escalates brand awareness and trustworthiness.

    How does Banyanbrain devise a strategy for your Voice SEO?

    By choosing Banyanbrain as your Voice Search Optimization services provider, you know you are in one of the best hands as we take care of all your SEO and other internet marketing service-related needs with maximum ease. Our team of skilled professionals realizes the importance of Voice Search Optimization and we will ensure that you get a higher ROI for your business. We are one of the best Voice Search Optimization agencies with a well-informed team of performers and experts. For making your website rank to the top of the SERPs we devise a well-laid voice SEO plan. Below mentioned are some steps we follow to optimize your website for voice search:

    Using long-tail keywords

    We use short keywords and long-tailed keywords and phrases to help your consumers find you easily by using the voice search button on their devices. People usually while searching on voice search use long sentences that starts with some question words and we understand the intent incorporate the phrases in your content so that traffic on your website boosts.

    Create compelling content

    Our proficient team knows how to make your web pages rank and how to come in feature snippets. We incorporate the most cutting-edge strategies for upgrading your content on the web pages to make the content crisp. By including Frequently- Asked Questions (FAQs) in your website and blogs, we optimize the questions and answers and make them keyword and voice SEO friendly.

    Enhancing page speed

    The users tend to visit websites that load faster than the slow-loading ones. Even while conducting a voice search, the searchers need immediate results. So we optimize your website in a way that loads faster. The faster the loading speed, the more conversion you relish on your website. With us, you see a maximum number of customer conversions along with increasing your ROI.

    Embedding Schema Markup

    Being a leading Voice Search Engine Optimization service provider, we embed schema markup in your website for enhanced website structure that shows in SERP. By adding the structured markup, we let the search engines and AI find you without any difficulty. Thus, your website garners both consumers’ and search engines’ attention and helps you increase your revenue.

    Enhancing local search intent

    With voice SEO, we enhance the local search intent of your website. It is seen that when anyone searches for any service by commanding the phrase “near me” they are likely to take the services the next day. That is why we use local phrases and sentences with relevant keywords that will turn the local traffic to your website.

    Optimizing responsiveness

    At Banyanbrain, we optimize your website for mobile responsiveness seeing most of the voice searches are carried on through mobile devices. When the user switches from desktop to mobile they should not feel any difference and can glide smoothly. When they are comfortable with your website on all digital devices, you are going to see them as returning customers.

    Get an increased ROI with Voice SEO services by Banyanbrain

    At Banyanbrain, our team of voice search experts uses our exclusive voice optimization strategies to provide you with solutions that deliver accurate results that are consistent with your brand and provide the desired deliverables. We are a digital marketing agency that believes in working with our clients to give them the best user experience that makes them coming back for more.

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    We’re a Voice SEO agency who puts a prime focus on providing you with practical and goal-driven solutions. By using Voice SEO strategies and tactics, we help your business rank higher on SERPs. With us, you scale your business to a whole new level locally and internationally.