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Working at the forefront of the shipping container industry, LOTUS Containers is known to be the world’s top 5 shipping container company. Based in Hamburg in Germany, the company is known to provide A to Z container solutions to people from across the globe for more than a decade. They are international player trading with representative offices worldwide like Europe, Asia, North and South America. Besides, container solutions they have also laid down several other services like container leasing, depot services, intermodal transportation, buyback, and many more.

Client's Business Goal

With the increasing international trade and containers requirement in logistics, LOTUS Containers aimed to own a strong digital presence as a leading container supplier. Seeking to boost their sales and ROI, they wanted their website to perform on top where they could appear for all the regional and local searches of different countries. Multilingual SEO was one of their major requirements and we’re proud to have delivered them the astonishing result with our incessant and smart effort of digital marketing.


Initial Business status

Before our collaboration, the company was performing well from physical presence but their business was losing a great chunk of customers that they could have got online. Several factors that have ranked LOTUS Containers today on the first position and first page were missing. The website could not appear on any keyword searches, the Social Media presence was missing on some of the most used SM platforms, the website lacked SEO optimization, and so on.

Our Proposed solutions

So, when it came to activating LOTUS Containers’ message to the entire world that how easy container acquisition could be- we started with thorough research about their industry, business, offerings, and customers’ behaviour. We presented them with a list of their industry-related potential keywords. Moving on to on-page optimization, we did a website audit that highlighted errors and missing key points. Our SMM team worked on creating engaging Social media profiles to drive traffic. We ardently worked on On-page & Off-page SEO, conversion rate optimization, brand reputation management, as these were part of our proposed solution to the global triumph of the company.


LOTUS Containers belonged to the industry where several brands had already established themselves as strong rivals. Ranking LOTUS containers from nowhere to the first position came to us as a challenge. As per their business requirement, they wanted to rank both for local and global searches for multiple languages. Optimizing pages for every language in order to rank worldwide was the real challenge. Also, optimizing pages of the website without increasing the content length required another strategy and gladly we could rank them all.

Business and Brand Value

As LOTUS Containers sought to be different from the rest of its competitors, we made them appear on top of their rivals. Our smart digital marketing approach helped LOTU Containers in ranking on top for most of the potential keywords. As a result of the partnership with Banyanbrain, they boosted leads on their site and receive regular organic traffic from everywhere in the world. The combined effort of SEO, SMM, ORM helped them in solidifying their online footprints and experience increased ROI.

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