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Top 14 Characteristics of a Good Website

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Website designing is one of the main characteristics of any website that makes any website magnetic, alluring, and optimized to bring more traffic to it. A good website is considered as any business’s main gate. When the main gate is appealing, secured, and inviting, then definitely, you are going to see a sea of visitors.

Today consumers have zillions of options to explore on the World Wide Web. So if your website is not optimized, doesn’t have good content, or is not secured then, you will have the least traffic to entertain. We are going to talk about the characteristics of a good website so that you can get organic traffic, convert your visitors, and get a good ranking through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and be socially known.

What are the top characteristics of a good website?

Alluring Design

The most basic element of any website is its design. The web design should be outlined in such a way that it instantly pulls consumers towards it by its alluring and optimized design. The design that is customized keeping the current trend in mind binds the consumers to it. The design should always be unique and user friendly and to cater to that ‘Search by Image’ process can be used. This mechanism helps in selecting a unique and appealing design.


A website is a projection of your brand, services, and products. It should be speed optimized and well functional. Every page, link, image, graphic, or even space should be attractive, optimized, and functional. The layout of the page, message that you want to display, should be visually pleasing, executive, and exquisite. As any of them can leave a lasting impression on visitors or can be the reason for the last impression as well. It is important that every page on a website is working well and loads easily. Any page that is broken, slow, or badly constructed will sour your visitor’s mood rendering them leave the page at once.

Ease of Usage

A better User Experience (UX) is a key to make the consumers stay on the site for longer. In the times of instant noodles, people are always in hurry. So if the website is not providing ease of navigation and usage, then your business is going to suffer. It should be optimized in a way that the searchers and browsers both get satisfied whether they have come for searching any product or service or they have just come for browsing. The visitors should get engaged to the website once they visit without struggling to find pages or searching for any content.

Relevant and Qualitative Content

Qualitative content is of the essence when we think of any website. A website with optimized content, high-resolution image, videos, texts, and graphics will convert more consumers than a website with less optimized content.  

Irrelevant content is the big turn-off for the consumers. To convert consumers to the website, the posted content should be interesting, relevant to the topic, and SEO friendly. You should avoid the usage of jargon or acronyms. Keep updating current content on social media and blogs to maintain the interest of the consumer. To maintain SEO-optimized content, you may require some investment but with a help of a good SEO Company, you will turn more heads.


For the success of any website, it is mandatory to keep updated with current technology and follow the recent trend that is in vogue. The web design that allows responsiveness, fluidity, and is mobile-friendly, is in tandem with the current digital trend. The site that lacks these features is certainly going to suffer.


The website should be content optimized as well as mobile optimized. With the speed of gadget use is increasing, you never know what platform your consumer is using. So, if the website is not up-to-date with the recent trend and algorithm, and the upload speed is slow then definitely none of the consumers will be interested in the website. Because the most annoying thing for today’s consumers is an unresponsive or slow speed website and page. They will not think twice before ditching your services if the site upload speed is less.

And it is a well-known fact that content is the heart of any website in today’s world. So yes, if the content quality is good and keyword optimized then consumers will be pulled towards the website.

Call to Action

A call to action or CTA is one of the main characteristics of a good website feature on a website that makes the users take some specific actions. It is a command or action phrase, such as Sign up’, ‘Register, and others. The website should be designed in a way that consumers find it interactive. With the responsiveness feature, the consumer will find the website and your business to be more reliable. The consumer-friendly approach is the need of today and the consumers tend to take the services only when there they find them interactive. An ask-on feature on every page of the website will be like the icing on the cake.


The growth handling of the website can be done through scalability. The website must scale the prospective consumers. It is necessary to scale the backend database along with API (Application Programming Interface) and other such services that it provides. When the backend and other such interface is not optimized then it will lead to the slow death of your website.


Secure website or platform is the need of today’s world. In the era where cyber-terrorism has become so advanced if the website allows the consumer to securely navigate and enjoy the services then the website will see more consumers. Safety is one of the most needed features in today’s world.

The website should be secured and follow all security standards and guidelines of the business industry. The passwords should be encrypted for registration processes. The website should be secure and follows SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption. The security question feature should be there in the case of forgotten passwords. During credit or debit card transactions, data transfers, and UPI transfers; logins and accounts should be secured so that consumer doesn’t feel unsafe while the transaction process.

Accessible Contacts and Locations

Don’t make your consumers chase you down or search for you. All point of contact, email, contact number, social media, and contact form should be easily accessible to the visitors. If the consumers want to take your services but there is no updated contact detail then they won’t have any choice other than to look for other services. A Google map is a bonus as it gives the business more credibility when the consumer can easily access you. All the provided contact information should be easily available and easy to access.


It is mandatory to understand the market and analyze the other businesses. Social media analysis allows you to track and learn from your competitor’s successes and mistakes. To compete in the business world today, it is necessary to be updated with the recent trend and undergo competitor’s website analysis from time to time.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is yet another characteristic of a good website that allows easy navigation throughout the whole website. When any visitor comes to the website, and can easily skim through all the pages and can go where they want and open any services you provide easily, then you are going to see them return to the website. Easy navigation design increases brand popularity. 

Media Compression

Media compression is one of the key features in optimizing the web design of the business. When the consumer turns up to the website and is trying to open the image or video and it’s taking ages to open then it will render them to leave the website. Whereas if the web page has a high-resolution image and is optimized, that will lead them in going through the pages effortlessly and they will consume the content more. 

Optimized Landing Page

The landing page should be optimized as this is the page that increases the conversion rate of marketing campaigns and helps in lead generation. When the visitor clicks on a link or ad, then they arrive at the call to action or landing page. So, if the landing page is not accurately optimized, then it will lead to less lead generation and in turn fewer visitors to the website. 

In a nutshell

Through influencing web design and website development, your business will do wonders. The website that is content optimized, SEO optimized, allows ease of use, access, and navigation, and is secure; is going to see huge organic traffic. A good web design will help the business in gaining brand awareness, brand identity, and popularity. Many digital marketing companies in India provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-per-click), SMO (Social Media Optimization), ORM (Online Reputation Management), and web design and development services in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, and other places.

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