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Banyanbrain is an ever-evolving social media optimization agency in Gurgaon that provides stellar SMO services to our clients all over the world. We conduct in-depth research on your business and its competition and then devise a strategy that will be best suited for your needs and bring you the maximum ROI.


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A social media profile is your introduction to the entire world on a digital scale. Having a well-optimized social media strategy is necessary for every business in today’s time, because like they say, “First impressions are the last ones” and we know for sure that you want your first impression to be the most effective one on your existing as well as potential clientele.

That being said, Banyanbrain is here to guide you through the entire process of Social Media Optimization answering all your questions related to it.

What do Banyanbrain SMO Services Comprise?

Social Media Optimization can increase awareness of new products and services and allow organizations to connect with customers.  A social media optimization services company can help you in the following ways

Thorough research analysis of competitors

Devising the right strategy and selection of the most appropriate channels for promotion

Creating A Social Media Schedule

Scheduling Posts On Social Media Profiles

Comment Monitoring

Paid Campaigns For Social Media Growth

Social Media Performance Monitoring

Reporting & Next Month Strategy

What exactly is Social Media Optimization?

If you want a simple definition, social media optimization refers to the optimum utilization of various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. to develop and manage a business and to create an online presence for the brand. It is a widely preferred digital marketing strategy in today’s time as social media is a major source of reaching potential audiences.

SMO helps in increasing brand awareness and informs existing as well as new customers about new developments in the business, from product launches to new store opening, all this can be conveyed in an artsy manner with the right SMO strategy. It helps to connect and engage with clients on a more personal level, as you have direct contact with them, which is not possible with other traditional techniques of advertising.

SMO is the perfect blend of SEO and social media in order to increase brand awareness by using social media platforms to drive more traffic to the business website, thus resulting in more sales conversions.

Tips to be followed for an effective Social Media Optimization Strategy

Banyanbrain is a prominent digital marketing company that offers result-driven social media optimization services at affordable prices. We deal with various social media platforms in a competitive way so that you can market your business in a way that gives you commendable results. We design a strategy that is engaging, attractive and also converts the best-quality organic leads for your business.

Audience Analysis

We understand that having the right beginning is perfect for every digital marketing strategy out there. The foremost important step to be followed for the perfect SMO strategy is to conduct an in-depth analysis of your target audiences. Understanding your business and its market is essential for every brand out there so that you can comprehend what your clients expect and need and similarly nurture your business offerings. We analyze which social media platform is best suited as per your needs.

Keyword Research Analysis

For everyone who knows what search engine optimization is, keyword research is no new term. We carry on keyword research by finding out words and phrases that should be used in the website content to help you in getting higher ranks in the search engine results. We optimize your content accordingly and include the required keywords after finding the trending target keywords that your consumers are searching for. With proper keyword strategy in hand, we help you gain a higher ranking.

Social Media Profile Optimization

By using prime social media pages campaign, we maintain and optimize your social media profiles and bios for augmented results. Simply creating a page on Facebook and Instagram is not enough, we keep certain points in check while optimizing your social media page. Optimization of every element from checking profile pictures to using consistent usernames, to updating bio is mandatory. We do it all to help you get more leads by turning more heads turn towards your business.

Content Optimization

Having averagely good content on your website will be good enough for your brand presence online. Every business needs to make sure that its content should be original and engaging. The content can be presented in many forms ranging from texts, images, infographics, reports, videos, etc. From using relevant content to incorporating long and short-tailed keywords, from running polls to know your audience more to sharing client testimonials, we catch your consumer’s attention by deploying one of the best SMO practices.

Measured campaign results

Social media is an ongoing and dynamic tool for digital marketing, which is the reason why we regularly evaluate how the campaign is turning out and monitor its performance. Through this, we find out the strategies that are working out for your business and the approaches that we are going to follow in the future. We monitor important metrics like engagements, impressions, clicks, etc., to see which type of content will bring value to your existing as well as potential audiences.

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    Why do you need a Social Media Optimization Company?

    A social media presence is essential for every business in today’s digitally advanced world. Banyanbrain is the top social media optimization agency that helps you to have highly engaging social media platforms. Having a distinguished social media presence helps to create brand awareness on many different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, among many others.

    Brand Recognition

    Getting your brand talked about by audiences is one of the most crucial and important aspects of our SMO services. Once they see your business active on certain social media platforms, they tend to believe in your business, and eventually end up as your customers. We help you to devise strategies that are relevant and engaging for your business and help you in achieving the best possible results in the least time.

    Improved ROI

    Banyanbrain helps you with the objective of generating revenue for your business. We include paid advertising and run paid ad campaigns as per the SMO strategy and help create brand awareness for your business. With paid ads and SMO campaigns, we increase your client base as a whole. When the consumers see your social media profiles on social media platforms they believe your business is credible, thus your revenue rate keeps growing to the maximum.

    Better SEO Results

    A successful social media campaign plays a huge part in ranking a business on search engine result pages. This means that SMO contributes to a company’s SEO tactics as well. The Banyanbrain SMO team adeptly works towards creating attractive content to help you get more engagement and shares from your target audience. By incorporating keywords in bio, profiles, and links, we improve the SEO as well as SMO results for your business to get a stark standing in your market.

    More goals, Less Time

    If you are looking for efficiency and time management, then we are happy to tell you that Banyanbrain believes in providing you better results in the lesser time to market as timely delivery of every project is our first and foremost priority. We provide you with calculated and productive outcomes for your company by meeting all deadlines. With us, achieving your businesses’ end goals will not be just a dream as we help you achieve all the objectives with maximum ease.

    There are certain reasons why SMO is essential for your business, they are:

    • SMO ensures a strong web presence for every business and also helps with improving brand visibility. It enables a business to acquaint with individuals on various social media platforms to reach the maximum number audiences online
    • It increases the online reach for your business on various online platforms and if you have quality content that is engaging and attractive then you will have more chances at reaching the maximum amount of audiences online.
    • Social Media Optimization drives more and more traffic to your website as if people like what they see on your social media handles then they will be intrigued to know more about your offerings and eventually turn into potential leads.
    • SMO has gained prominence among marketers as the combined efforts of SEO and social media have proven to be a very effective method to increase the search engine rankings which in turn proliferates the brand visibility


    Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an integrated digital marketing strategy that refers to the usage of social media platforms to optimize a website so that is has a greater visibility on social media and all other online platforms. It refers to adapting to certain strategies in order to increase brand awareness for your brand on social media platforms, thus increasing the leads generated.

    Social Media Optimization aims at attracting more and more site visitors through engaging, original content and encourage them to share or take a specific action.

    Here are few reasons why SMO is important:

    • It gives your business the opportunity to reach out and connect with a wide number of audiences spread across various social media platforms.
    • Drives organic traffic to your website.
    • Increases brand awareness.
    • Creates brand loyalty among clients.
    • Boosts your website visibility.
    • Enhances conversion rates for your brand.

    SMO has become a major factor in determining the success of a business on online platforms. To understand how to use SMO in expanding your business, make sure to follow the following tips:

    • Keywords are necessary and help to reach a wide target audience and helps you rank high on the search engine results. Taking care of structuring and using those particular keywords into your social media profiles in order to gain visibility on online platforms.
    • SMO is effective once you understand your target audiences. SMO involves a thorough research on the target audiences to get a better understanding of their needs and expectations from your business. Create engaging and relevant content and uploading it across all social media mediums helps to attract your target audiences helps to define your brand and improving your brand awareness.
    • To get the best results for your SMO campaign, you have to optimize your social media posts for online searches. This can be done by creating strong infographics for your content, videos etc. The title of this content should be short and eye-catching, and it should be optimized with text for the specific searches.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process of making changes to your website in a way that it increases its rankings in the search engine results.

    SMO stands for Social Media Optimization and refers to the usage of social media networks to increase brand awareness for a brand.

    The ultimate objective of both these digital marketing strategies is to create an effective online presence for your business by improving their online search rankings to drive more traffic to your website.

    SMO is a part of SEO because social media platforms are an integral part of the search engines and are a widely preferred platform that are used by target audiences. In the digital marketing world, they are both inter-related as they both work together to rank your website high up in the SERPs and improve your online presence.

    In a competitive world, a business needs to invest in both SEO and SMO, as they can be used together to drive more and more visitors to your website.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are both essential pillars in a digital marketing strategy. On one hand, SMO optimizes your website, and SMM publicizes your website, with the end goal of driving more traffic towards the website. SMO has a major concentration towards the augmentation of the website performance, and SMM works towards the branding of your website. The eventual goal of SMO is to attract more visitors and SMM ensures that the visitors stay engaged on your website.

    With users spending a major chunk of their time daily on social media platforms, it is essential for every business to have an active presence on all social media channels that are relevant to their business.

    The most commonly used social media platforms used by digital marketing agencies for SMO are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more.

    More than 95% businesses use social media to promote their business in today’s time. Hashtags are vital and essential as they help to find content on any relevant topic. Hashtags are an important feature to be considered when sharing content on social media platforms. Usage of hashtags is necessary to optimize content so that it becomes more visible on social media platforms as well as search engines.

    Trending hashtags help to increase the visibility of your brand and help a user to find your website.


    In today’s digital space, getting the attention of your target audiences is only with possible with an effective social media strategy. If you know which key performance indicators (KPIs) to look at, you can easily understand which aspects to look to see how the overall is working with the target audiences.

    There are several metrics that you need to monitor, like impressions, clicks, engagements, views, etc. You need to monitor all the posts on your social media profilesto come to a conclusion about which tactics applied are the most effective for your business.

    There are many websites that help in determining the insights for your SMO practices, like Google Analytics, Google Insights, Page Link Analyzer, etc.

    Hiring an SMO Company for their professional assistance always provides high outcomes. The social media team at digital marketing companies like Banyanbrain has professional experience and expertise in the same.

    They conduct a thorough research on your business and its offerings as well as its competitors. As a result, they create a social media strategy depending on the requirements of your business. An SMO expert keeps all your social media accounts updated with engaging content and latest trends. SMO companies know all the ins and outs of the social media platforms and are a time saving and cost-effective way of marketing your business online.

    Banyanbrain is a digital marketing agency in India offering tailor-made SMO services to meet each client’s unique business environments. They provide a wide array of services including the following:

    • Creation of effective SMO strategies to improve brand awareness.
    • Usage of all major social media platforms and providing online marketing services like Facebook marketing, online reputation management, Twitter marketing, video optimization services, and many more.
    • Creation and advancement of brand value across all social media platforms.

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    Social Media has completely changed the digital marketing curve as it is considered to be an important asset to invest in to improve your brand’s online visibility. If you are also looking to venture into social media for your business, Banyanbrain can help. We are a social media optimization company that provides many digital marketing services ranging from SEO, PPC, SMM, ORM, Email marketing, website development, and so on.

    Our SMO strategies are result-oriented and our team works towards devising plans that will increase your ROI by many times. Get in touch with us today!