Online Review Management: Boosting Online Reputation

Banyanbrain is a customer-focused internet marketing agency that offers Online Review Management services where we manage your reviews and ratings and ensure a satisfactory customer experience. With prime ORM services, we enhance and maintain the brand image of you and your company. We actively and adeptly sustain your reputation across all the leading digital platforms.


Influence your potential customers with
our Review Management Services

More than 80% of people prefer to go through online reviews posted by experienced customers before they make a buying decision. At Banyanbrain, we know that one bad review can make or break your business and they play a very significant part for your potential customers. With the top online review management services at Banyanbrain, we formulate a full strategy involving all the key elements while scanning your company’s reviews on various social media platforms to assist you in improving the perception of your brand. Not just that, you can also avail many other internet marketing services like SEO services, SMO, SMM, PPC, E-mail marketing among others.

Review Management: Boost your
Brand’s Image

At Banyanbrain, we help you maintain the trust of your consumers by responding to their comments irrespective of positive or negative connotations. We know that reviews play a major role today in this dynamic world. People don’t want to just go and buy any product or service that they lay their eyes on as they read reviews on popular search engines or social media platforms. With prompt responses, we make your companies credible on online platforms. By responding to positive reviews, we help you attract more customers who would want to purchase your products or services. And by responding to negative reviews, we show the people that you and your company cares about what your consumers think. When you take an effort, your consumers reward you by boosting your brand image.

Why do companies emphasize on Review Management Services?

Online Reputation management has become an important aspect in determining how people perceive a particular business. People tend to concentrate more on the part where other people talk about their experiences in using products or services.
A few reasons why we suggest businesses opt for online review management services are:

Improvement in sales

With us, your company gets a huge increase in sales. By working on negative reviews and by assuring your consumers that the problem that they faced will be rectified soon, we create a sense of reassurance in them. Even unsatisfied customers who have given negative reviews, turn to a positive outlook when you start taking review management services.

Promotion of USPs

Online Review management companies conduct extensive research analysis highlighting the unique selling points of your brand which will relate with your potential clients. When people get to know about your specialties, they will be convinced to make a purchasing decision which, in turn, will help you gain more positive reviews for your brand.

Enhancement of SEO strategy

SEO helps your brand to build and maintain a compelling online presence on the search engine. Most search engines place a huge emphasis towards the reviews that are written by certain individuals talking about different brands and their products. They prioritize reviews and the more reviews you have for your website, the better will be your SEO. This ensures an efficient SEO strategy will be an added advantage for your business.

Building of a brand image

At Banyanbrain, we examine your brand reputation, your competitor’s reputation, and see the market positioning that your company has. Then we find a proactive approach and by using cutting-edge ORM strategy, we enhance the visibility along with the brand image of your company. After combining the power of SEO, and positive content, we create a strong sense of reliability in your consumers that deal with all the negative impact and give your company crisp brand identity.

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    Our approach for Crisp ORM Services:​

    Tailor-made Solutions

    Our customized ORM services are specially designed to cater to your company’s special reputation needs and requirements. By using positive and encouraging content skills, we create, protect, enhance, and maintain your online reputation. You will see huge conversions with our prime online reputation. With our services, your consumers readily find and trust you.

    Online Reputation Recovery

    Now, recovering your online reputation is easier with Banyanbrain. We use advanced ORM tools and tactics to find the root cause of lost reputation and then use the right online reputation strategies, to help you get over the damage. With us, the consumers find you reliable and you are their first choice when they think of taking services.

    Constant Monitoring

    By monitoring every single action constantly, our ORM experts increase your online reputation. The ORM specialists at Banyanbrain know what works for you. So, we keep an eye on every platform that concerns you and your company for better monitoring. With constant supervision, your company achieves business-driven results and bags revenues and you reach nearer to your end goals.


    Increase ROI and ensure the happiness of your customers with Banyanbrain

    Banyanbrain is a result driven digital marketing company that provides online review management services to help your business build a brand image and thus have loyal customers. Customer satisfaction is our primary motto for your business and we make sure to devise your review management strategy will respond to all positive and negative reviews online and generate sales for your business.


    Online Reputation Management is what is being displayed about you and your business online. What people think about the business, the product, and services when they look at your website or come across it on social media. What reviews they have for you, and how do they rate your services on search engines. It comprises digital marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), public relations strategies, and others to give your business a positive boost and enrich and enhance the online image. With an on-point ORM, you achieve your target, increase conversions and ranking and eventually bag higher return on investments.

    Through optimum Online Reputation Management strategy, one achieves a good reputation by targeting positive reviews. Work on negative reviews is needed so that they can be changed to positive reviews. One builds trust and credibility in the consumers, so then when they look for certain products or services they can’t look anywhere else, they come to you. ORM is basically focused on increasing brand awareness about your business, creating brand identity, and boosting your reputation so that you can achieve conversions and get maximum benefits. 

    ORM or Online Reputation Management includes managing and monitoring your brand reputation on the online portal. In this competitive world today where billions of websites are online, you need to keep checking on your brand reputation. You have to keep checking on reviews as, where positive reviews make your brand credible, one negative review can tarnish your brand image and many years of hard work. 

    ORM also includes proper customer feedback management as not replying to your consumer’s reviews or queries makes you a bad business and damages your brand reputation. By using ORM strategies, one can prevent and provide solutions to problems that can damage reputation. It crops out all the grey areas and gives your reputation a brand new overhaul. 

    Businesses need positive reviews for sustainable growth and development of the company and negative reviews or bad words can do extreme harm to the company’s reputation that took years to build. There are billions of websites in the sea of the online world and to sustain and achieve rank #1 in such cutting-edge competition, one has to take the services of ORM companies as without their help they won’t be able to understand the way clearly. 

    Banyanbrain one of the premier ORM companies in Gurugram helps you manage and maintain your business’s reputation by catering to all the feedbacks. We check negative reviews, use measures to prevent the problem that is causing negative reviews, and then root it out. We follow all the necessary procedures to get your business a maximum attraction and get more and more positive reviews for sustainable and exponential growth. 

    By proper evaluation, management, and rooting out all the grey areas one can achieve positive Online Reputation Management results. To achieve the reputation in an organic and sustainable manner, it is necessary that the business is promoted positively on all the social media platforms so that people know about the company. It should ensure that a complete audit should be carried out for all the digital assets, websites so that the ORM Company can analyze and then use them for business promotion. If during the process, the ORM Company comes across any negative mentions of the business on any of the digital domains, it is removed. If there is any toxic comment on the website or SERPs they are totally ignored. And this all can be done by following an efficient Online Reputation Management campaign, and takes around some short weeks to months depending upon the size of the business.

    Banyanbrain, being one of the stalwarts in the ORM arena provides you with the best ORM strategies for an on-point and sparkling online reputation so that your business can achieve rank #1 and in turn, get better revenues. 

    A bad reputation can be resolved with good, appropriate, compatible information. As we all know ‘Content is King’, so when the content you are posting is informative, right, factually correct, and has insights, then if there is any negative attribute related to your company, it can be washed away. By posting constantly and using high-resolution images, high-quality videos, and well-written texts, you can make your visitors stay on the site for longer. So when you post good content, you get good reviews, and the positive reviews make the negative reviews vanish as they have gone down so back, and mostly no one goes past the first page of reviews. 

    We all have heard this famous line, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ So, a good impression is needed when someone visits your website for the first time and if they are impressed by the website, your services, and products, you are going to see them return back. Nowadays, after knowing the company’s name, the first thing people do is, go on google or their preferred search engine and search about the company and when they find you on #rank 1 or the first page and see good reviews, they then go to the website to check out your services or products. So, it is mandatory to have a good online reputation to make your consumers take your services by sidelining your competitors. 

    The basic role of ORM in digital marketing is to know whether your online presence is working in your favor or going against you. The things they get to know before going to your website, the reviews they see before taking services, the impression they get before knowing properly about your business idea is what makes Online Reputation Management perineal for digital marketing. With ORM, one manages, monitors, and improves the company’s reputation, how it is perceived and is it making enough impact that the visitors return to your site again.

    Everyone needs a good reputation and a bad image doesn’t do anyone any good. A company’s reputation precedes it and the impression needs to be much stronger to sustain in the online world where billions of websites are running, trying to compete with one another. Online Reputation Management is what makes your business stand out in the sea of the online world. It makes the viewer become your consumers, it removes all the bad components from the website to give your website a sparkling and clear brand identity. It helps you attain and increase brand awareness and increase the potential return on investments. And all this can be attained by hiring a good ORM company. 


    But the basic question arises here is how to choose? Given below are the points that will help you choose in a better way.


    – Reputation

    – Years of Experience

    – Vision and Focus

    – Types of Services

    – Past Clients and Works

    – Customer Support

    – Online Portfolio

    – Overall Cost

    – Meet Face to Face to know more

    – Transparency


    Banyanbrain, one of the eminent ORM companies in India provides efficient ORM services to help your business grow strategically, attract consumers and attain higher revenues. 

    Choose Banyanbrain as your partner
    to make a positive impact on your customers

    Choose Banyanbrain as your partner to make a positive impact on your customers
    More than 80% of customers prefer to read online reviews before they make a buying decision. With Banyanbrain, your consumers make a right judgement of choosing you over your competitors seeing your best online reputation.

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