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SMO and SMM: Key Differences you must know

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SMO and SMM are the two quintessential pillars of the digital marketing world today. People always get confused between the two. But they both are different from each other in various ways, like in terms of their explanation, motive, and impression. SEO content, one of the digital marketing strategies gave birth to the concept of Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Let’s look at brief differences between SMO and SMM and then in detail.


How SMO and SMM are two different things?


SMO deals with specific website optimization to simplify social media sharing of blog and website content. SMO enables to streamline and optimize your website so that it can be exposed online on various social media channels. It eventually helps in increasing traffic to your website.

SMM aim is solely to improve engagement on social media. It is used to increase the visibility of a brand or company on social media channels through various different methods. Read below to learn in detail about the two.


What is SMO or Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization or SMO is simplifying or optimizing a website and profile to introduce it on social media channels. This comprises on-page SEO activities like honing the interface and increasing the serviceability of the website. SMO helps gain more consumer’s attention by sharing optimized content with them via different social media channels.

 SMO can be carried out in many ways:

  • Optimization of social media strategy is done to enhance online presence and attain measurable outcomes.

  • SEO digital marketing is one of the important steps to grow organic traffic to your website. SEO keyword search boosts the search engine rating of the website. Through optimized keyword research, you will get to know which hashtags or phrases are in trend. By sharing keyword-optimized content on social media, your website will garner more audiences as the probability of the site being found becomes higher.

  • For your business to trend on number one, profile optimization is the most needed step. A website is optimized in SEO to get better search engine ranking, SMO needs good profiling to build a strong base for the consumers to reach your website. If your social media profile is interesting and contains all the right details then definitely audiences will be attracted to your products. And on the same time, the profile that is not conveying any details will turn away the audience to other services. In the digital world, Content is deemed as King and it is not wrong to say. A website with optimized content attracts customers more than a website with random content.

  • SMO is all about attracting consumers to your website. And you can successfully achieve it by posting the content at regular intervals of time. The site that follows a posting schedule sees higher traffic rather than the ones that are irregular about the posts.

  • Social media is the place where you can learn from your and other business’ mistakes by analyzing them. By carrying out social media analytics, there is a great scope for making your website consumer-friendly to enhance consumer-oriented marketing. 


What is SMM or Social Media Marketing?

After website optimization, it is time to make people interested in your products or services by publishing or sharing the content on different social media channels. Through it, the consumer’s interest is grasped to make them use your product and share it with other people. It can be easily deduced by this function that SMM is the next step of SMO.

Viral marketing is the technique that acts as a catalyst in SMM. It takes place when someone refers the content to others and this starts a chain on the social web. Blogs, videos, images, and other such interfaces are used to describe your services or products.

By applying different strategies you get a chance to enhance the website content and engage people with the products or services. Nowadays people put geographical, demographic, and personal information on many social media networks. You can take advantage of those details to make your product more consumer-friendly.

While formulating SMM, some of the key strategies have to be given due importance:

  • The first and foremost strategy is setting a goal, deciding the content type, and target social media on which you want your products or services to be published.

  • Then comes drafting of content, like carving out the plan for the script and fixing the time to put the content on social media platforms. Time plays a big factor when placing the services on social media.  

  • Using social media tools for analyzing consumer’s user experience is mandatory. By analyzing you can get to know what changes should be made to make audiences like your products or services.

  • By analyzing reports of how far your services are reaching and how consumers are engaging with the content, will pave the road to success. In social media platforms, there is a wide scope of making mistakes alright as here it is easy to learn from your and other businesses mistakes by analyzing them.

  • Ad buying is a great way to enhance the promotion of the brand and ad promotion will take the business to next level. 

  • There are competition analysis tools on social media that will help you in monitoring and analyzing the activities and strategies of your competitors. By analyzing them you can come up with good strategies to keep your consumers with you and to attract new consumers as well.

  • The utilization of social media tools will help you in putting your content on social media channels on time. It has been seen that the business that puts regular and timely content gets more traffic rather than putting content on random timings.

SMO and SMM go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. For a good SMM, a highly optimized SMO is needed. SMO and SMM are needed to increase website traffic, enhance ROI by applying PPC or Pay-per-click ad campaigns. Hope this article gives you clarity between the similar seeming word SMO and SMM.

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