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SEO Tips and Tricks: Winning SEO strategy to boost traffic

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Do you also think SEO is a wand that you wave and your SERP ranking will shoot up and you will get to the #rank 1 position? Well, you are then living in a dream world, and it’s high time that you shake yourself and get to the ground reality. Search Engine Optimization in reality takes quite a long time and hell a lot more effort to bring about a change. As we all know SEO is the process through which one ranks their websites on different search engine result pages. For a website to rank high through an organic approach there is no shortcut. And you cannot go ahead with half-baked SEO tactics. By focusing on actionable and proven SEO tips and strategies, by working on and off your website organically, you will reach the desired result of getting higher revenue and grabbing estimated growth.

So, if you want to know about the SEO tips and tricks that will work better than any half-baked lousy tactics, then the points below are just rightly catered for you!

Using relevant primary and secondary keywords

Keyword research is a core and most important part of SEO strategy. You cannot create high-ranking and successful content without using primary and secondary keywords. The consumers will arrive on your landing pages more, once you start using the primary keywords in a strategic way as it should connect to your services. The primary keyword should act as the focus keyword of the content. And secondary keywords support the primary keywords and are quite detailed. One can improve the search engine ranking by incorporating the secondary keywords in a natural way. As if by reading your content it feels it is overstuffed or the keywords are used without making any sense, then despite getting a higher rank, your ranking may go down. You should incorporate long and short-tailed keywords that are logical while reading to enhance your webpage, blog, articles, or other such content’s ranking.  

Short and descriptive URLs

Structuring URLs increases your chances of enhancing SEO rankings. It is not that difficult to achieve for ones who know ABC of Search Engine Optimization as they are adept in search engine optimization best practices. The trait of an effective URL is that it must contain one or more focus keywords that you are targeting through the page. The URL must be easily understandable so that whoever is reading the URL knows what’s in it. Limiting your keyword to 60 characters is considered ideal as some of the search engines don’t prefer to crawl long URLs. As a result, either your URL won’t come up or will go to the bottom pages in search engines listings. 

Well-designed website

A sitemap is basically a blueprint and an important aspect of your website. It helps the search engines identify, crawl, and index your webpage. Other than sitemap, your website must showcase what it is doing so that the consumers don’t find it confusing when they access it. They should be attracted in the way that it builds a need to share the website with other people as well. Such action makes the customers trustworthy towards your site and even the search engines like these traits. As it helps them to understand the important points of your website. 

One should choose a site name keeping spiders and consumers in mind. It helps the search engine to remember who you are, spiders can find you easily, and so does the customers. Last but not least, your website should be attractive, have high-resolution images, great texts in readable and alluring fonts, qualitative videos, perfect usage of white space, and other such aspects. If your website looks old, doesn’t have the proper elements, then at that instant only, you have lost the battle. The consumers, future leads, social media fame, increased ranking, all will slide from your hands. So, don’t only build a website but also create it mindfully and artistically by keeping this on-page SEO tip in mind. 

Speed-up website loading speed

Low website loading speed is a big turn-off for your visitors and even old consumers. In the world of instant and fast results, if your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, then you lose a lead, a potential consumer. According to Google’s “Speed Update” of July 2018, it immediately lowers the ranks of the webpage that have slow loading speed on mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, you should remove anything that makes the pages slow to load. 

Backlink generation from high site authority websites

Backlinking, a part of link-building is another important aspect of SEO strategy. It comes under influential off-page SEO tips. By using this the other website can link to your webpage as an information source. Such links project you as an authority in SERPs. These high-quality links cement your authority and your website moves up on Search Engine Result Pages. If journalists, bloggers, or other related companies recognize you and regard you as an expert in the field by linking their content to your page, it establishes your webpage authority and your rank shoots up. 

But it will never happen overnight and in the starting days, you will have to put more effort by offering to write guest posts for different relevant sites. If you have carried on any original research and have unique data, then you can contact publishers. Other than this, you can find different listings and directories related to your field and try to get your company’s name registered in them. Such things build a sense of credibility in your consumers. 

Try to rank for featured snippets

Ranking on featured snippets is every digital marketer’s wish that they want to achieve. It is the spot that instantly attracts your visitor’s attention. A featured snippet is always on the top of Google search engine results and is known as the one that instantly attracts more organic traffic. If you are also targeting the featured snippet spot, then you must optimize the content in a way that makes the user click on the link. The keywords used should be of the highest potential and if your content asks a question, then the likeliness of the link getting clicked goes high. 

Format and upgrade the content

The way your content is written is of great importance. But the way its format is presented is also of utmost significance. The format should be clear, easily understandable, and the font should be readable. The white spacing between the words should be intact. The elements will act as a way to increase clicks. The use of heading and subheadings makes the search engines understand where you want your focus to be. Structuring a paragraph by maintaining its size, sentence length, and other such aspects make the spiders crawl to your content faster. Analyze your website and if you feel the content is not up-to-date with the standards, it is high time that you upgrade it with the right elements. As you increase the potential by upgrading the website’s content with relevant formatting.  

Update page titles and Meta Descriptions

We all know that content that we are posting on web pages should have relevant, high-potential keywords. But do you also know that keywords play a major role in page titles and Meta Descriptions? Using keywords in the given HTML components i.e. Page Title and Meta Description has the power to make the user click on the link. They both appear at the front of the search engines. So, they have really the power to earn or lose the click. 

Use internal and external links

Using links is a great way to direct your consumers to you. By using internal links you can directly send the visitor to the relevant pages. Proper anchor text usage directs the consumers to the intended page and if you own an e-commerce website, then your consumers after landing on your page may buy the products as well. It is not needed that all links should land on the homepage only. This is a pro homepage SEO tip. They should land the person on other pages as well as the product page, contact, blog, or other such pages. The person clicking on the link should feel that clicking the link adds more value to them. Through this, CTR or click-through rate also shoots up. 

And in the case of external links, you should always place your links on qualitative websites only. Always try to add external links with popular websites that have higher traffic and have a constant qualitative content update and also have relevancy with your webpage.

Attach graphics with links

None can resist a website with high-resolution images, videos, graphics, and others that are in tandem with the mentioned topics. The users become drawn to such content and if you have such powerful graphics with you, then you may let others use them for free for their purposes. But add links to every graphical content you produce. When you create backlinks with images and potent alt text you build authority on the content. So for better ranking keep adding links.  

Increase word count

You should always have an adequate length of content that answers all the aspects of it. The users like to read such pieces that provide them with all the knowledge that they were looking for. If they have to look at another site to quench their thirst, it means your website has lacking content and it is meant to go down in ranking. That is why it is necessary to endow all the important elements to keep the consumers bound to the website. Complete content shows full authority and you have more space to include backlinks and keywords. But it should not be more than what is needed as then search engines will have difficulty in crawling it.  

Publish unique, original, and evergreen content constantly

Though you may find it hard, publishing unique content is the key. If you want search engines to crawl your website’s content, and users to be interested in your topic then it is mandatory that you always produce content that is totally unique and devoid of any type of plagiarism. As search engines are known for detecting and rooting out plagiarized content. And also you will be lost in the sea of sites if your content is similar to theirs. 

Along with it, you should post the content constantly as it helps the consumers be updated to your current services. It is necessary for spiders as well as users. If you post one content and then forget about it then search engines will throw you in the last pages where nobody will be able to find you. Posting evergreen content has long-term benefits as they are the ones that are in vogue always. And users would like to search on those topics from time to time.  

Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the basic SEO tips that instantly attract visitors’ attention and increase your website rankings. Images are a great way of engaging consumers. Those who follow e-commerce SEO tips know that they highlight the product to the extent that they can make the consumers buy the products. For this, you don’t have to make the images heavy, keep them restricted to megabytes or less. As heavier images take time to load which is again a turn-off point for both search engines and users. The maximum resolution size should be constrained to 1920 x 1080 pixels. Always use the WEBP or JPG format as it helps the image and the page to load faster. Attach alt attribute to the image. It helps the search engines to recognize the image. The alt text should not be longer and should be within the word limit of 125 characters. 

Conduct a site audit

Conducting a site SEO audit helps you in the areas there is a need for improvement and also where you are doing your best. Through this, you can track all your activities and garner more benefits. Like you get to know whether you have broken or spammy links, whether your external link is a really good or toxic one, etc. The digital marketing companies while giving SEO tips to boost your sales provide SEO audit packages in which they use avant-garde SEO tools for better auditing services. By following the best digital marketing strategies and practices and by keeping all hands in gloves you must not be afraid to evaluate your work as it will always take you to better places

On-Page SEO checklist

An on-page SEO checklist helps to make every individual page on your website stand out. By using specific high potential focus keywords that are basically for that dedicated page and are unique from other pages, you direct the consumers to that page the page you want them to go to. If you have the same keywords for multiple pages then the visitor, as well as the crawler both, will be in confusion. As they will not be able to find your page and send you down in the SERP list.  Using specific focus keywords in all the dedicated pages in the title, headers, make the page draw attention instantly. 

Analyze competitors

Analyzing competitors comes under one of the important SEO tips for start-ups that helps you in having a successful game. Analysis of SERP ranking, social media hashtag or mentions, keyword usage, traffic volume, and others help in learning from rival companies’ mistakes and successes. If they are spiraling down in some field, learn from them and try to avoid doing it, or if you can make it right then use it. And if they are beaming in success then you can also follow their steps. By analyzing, you determine the factors that work or don’t work them and then use them for your benefit. 

Don’t keep changing domain name

Want one hot but one of the simple SEO tips? Don’t change your domain name regularly as the older the domain name is, the more trustworthy it is. Consumers like to go to a website that has been there for years with the same domain name. Get one domain name and then you must keep it. You can only change the name if there is anything that is inevitable and is not in your hands. Want a pro and an advanced SEO tip: Don’t make the habit of it!

Delete Zombie pages

Deleting zombie pages may bring huge traffic with them. Zombie pages are the ones that don’t have any footfall or traffic on them. They are just lying on your website ruining the traffic. Google or any other search engine loves the website with one stronger page rather than having hundreds of not-worthy pages. It does not prefer websites with less qualitative content.  

Use Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console is one of the most important SEO techniques that if mastered will work in favor. By logging in on Search Console, you will get to know what keywords you are ranking for. And for which ones you need to put in the extra effort. When you use keywords that are ranking on Search Console, Google will know that you are using them, and will love them. And we all know how Google shows its love. Yes, you got it right! It shows love by increasing your ranking on the Google search engine. 

Use guest posting

Guest posting is the most underlooked strategy and one of the wonderful link-building tips. Through it, you can generate qualitative leads without putting in much effort. You just have to look for experts who are into guest posting in your niche. Find them, follow their tracks by taking a mugshot of their pics, and then go for an image search. When you find them you now know where to post so that you also can get the leads without breaking any sweat.

Increase organic CTR

By using question title tags, you can increase your organic CTR. And if you look at search engines you will find millions of organic SEO tips that can help in enhancing click-through rates. By improving CTR, you can increase the organic traffic on your website and your ranking on SERP as well.

Use referral

On every referral, you have to embed call-to-action so that the consumers know how and where to connect with you. Under local SEO best practices, by using referrals you can increase the local traffic. By following these local SEO tips, you can dive into keyword search and by incorporating the right keywords bring huge traffic to your website.

Switch to HTTPS
Switching to HTTPS from basic HTTP will make your website more secure. And when a consumer sees the site is secure, they trust the website. And you will see them as returning consumers. This is one of the best SEO tips for the website to keep them safe from any phishing activities and makes the personal details of the users safe. 

Install a caching plugin

Caching plugin helps you in garnering traffic as it speeds up page loading. We all know that slow page loading speed shoos away the users. But there are many ways in which you can increase the speed. Installing a caching plugin is one of the easiest and quickest ways. Log in to your backend on WordPress and then go to Plugins > Add new > search for “WP Super Cache” > Install>. After it, you just have to go to the plugin on the settings page and always make sure that the plugin is on. 

SEO learning process – always on

Looking for still more SEO optimization tips, then this one is especially for you. You must at all times keep the SEO learning process on. Google and other search engines keep coming up with new mandates and algorithms. SEO is a constantly changing process so you have to be in the loop of it. If you think you have mastered it all that is when you have signed yourself for failure. 

Which SEO tip or trick is best for your business?

Like one shoe doesn’t fit all. The same goes for search engine optimization tips and tricks. You just have to find the problems with your website, be it keywords, page speed, or others that cause low traffic and ranking. And if you are a newbie and want to get some SEO tips for beginners, there are millions of websites where you can learn basic steps.

But if you think you cannot get it straight! Then contact a good SEO Company as they are adept with all tools and strategies. With them, your business can see new insights and reach new rankings. 

Looking for a good SEO company to boost your website for better results

Thus, we see that by following the above SEO tips and tricks, you get to increase your ranking on SERPs. Along with it, you can enhance traffic and increase revenues. You get to reach your end goals.

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