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ChatGPT vs. BARD: Highlighting the Difference

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ChatGPT vs. Bard is a rising and popular conflict that is based around the application of chatbots in modern world industries. Chatbots are the new revolution in transforming the digital marketing by offering SEO, SMO, email marketing and content marketing services. These chatbots can filter through considerable datasets to refine the best results. Introducing AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard has opened new gates for marketers to generate different types of content and resolve their queries. Let us know more about ChatGPT vs. Bard to highlight their differences.

Infographics highlighting the difference between ChatGPT vs. BARD. Focusing on overview,  data source, capability and comparison.

What do you mean by chatbots? 

A chatbot is a conversational tool, a software application or a computer program built to mimic human conversations with the end user. These can be text or voice-based interactions and are capable of offering customer service and support. The AI-programmed chatbot is well-developed to initiate conversations in natural language and provide practical solutions to user queries. Recently, various chatbots have evolved and are on a surge to give users the best support and solutions through graphics, videos, and texts. Organisations and brands use chatbots on their websites to automate responses to user queries. 

What is ChatGPT, and how does it work? 

ChatGPT is an acronym for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an AI-generative language model programmed to decode queries and provide detailed responses. It is a chatbot developed by OpenAI to generate human-like responses to prompts entered by end users. ChatGPT is deployed with a remarkable ability to sieve data from a pool of sources on search engines and other sources fed to it and never ceases to learn more. It uses machine learning algorithms to produce various results from essays, writing computer codes, marketing and analysis in business. 

Built with specialised algorithms, ChatGPT breaks down the user query into simpler components and then analyses patterns and data sequences from plenty of sources to understand the prompt input by the user. It then generates results semantically using “autoregression”, wherein ChatGPT produces one word at a time to form grammatically and logically apt sentences. ChatGPT can scroll through results from search engines in real-time and can make imaginative or predictive results by going through large historical datasets within no time. 

Applications of ChatGPT in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing helps businesses promote their products and services to global audiences through digital platforms. The solutions of ChatGPT assist the various strategies involved in digital marketing. 

  1. Keyword analysis- The various digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, content marketing, and PPC, rely on keywords to initiate the marketing process. Keyword-specific marketing helps target potential audiences instead of marketing without purpose and to the wrong audiences. ChatGPT can analyse user behaviour across search engines and various digital platforms to prompt possible keywords to help marketers get better results. 

  2. Market analysis- Businesses must know their competitors to work ahead of them and offer better customer services. ChatGPT helps the market analyse customer trends and patterns by using large datasets to inform businesses about current user needs, influences, competitors, strategies and potential solutions. It helps digital marketing companies draft optimised and personalised strategies based on the business’s marketing objectives. 

  3. Copywriting- Copywriting and content creation are the foundations of any business. Every brand website must have unique, creative, and relevant content to help users better understand your brand. Moreover, content is the source of all forms of marketing and must be SEO-optimised to drive more organic traffic to the website. ChatGPT is known for writing content, such as blogs, newsletters, and website content, to offer user-friendly, research-based, and SEO-friendly content. 

  4. Email marketing- Digital marketers perform various paid marketing campaigns divided into search engine advertising, social media advertising, and email advertising. ChatGPT is beneficial in creating content, headlines, taglines, and graphics to engage audiences and promote business via PPC marketing. ChatGPT can also help create personalised and targeted emails to generate leads and increase conversion rates. 

  5. Off-page content writing- Infographics, bookmarking, ad posting, image sharing and articles are a few examples of off-page content that SEO uses to drive organic traffic to the business website. These contents are not published on the main website but are put up on guest posting sites or other relevant sites. ChatGPT is capable of filtering relevant off-page posting sites to make effective use of the written content. 

What is Bard AI, and how does it work? 

Bard AI is an AI-powered tool that assists users with a conversational generative experience by simulating human conversations in natural language. Google developed it in an experiment to equip users with its language learning model (LLM), powered by the Language model for dialogue applications (LaMDA). It combines machine learning with natural language processing to build real-time user prompts. The AI chat service Bard offers is similar to ChatGPT, yet different in many ways. 

LLM and LaMDA used in Bard imitate the functions of the neural network in the human brain to transform it into computer applications. The generative AI helps Bard to produce images, texts, videos, and audio. Responses generated by Bard are creative and conversational, which assists users in getting personalised results for their queries. 

Applications of Bard in Digital Marketing 

  1. Graphic Designing- One of the essential features of a well-developed website is engaging and attractive graphics. Bard AI can generate multiple samples and final outputs for queries that users require by brainstorming unique and innovative designs based on your command. Marketers can create unique and aesthetic graphics to appeal to potential audiences visiting their website or entering relevant queries, as in the alt tags of images.

  2. Translating website content- Bard is capable of semantic indexing and hence can translate one language into multiple languages. It can learn from the previous queries and translations made, making it easier for digital marketers to translate websites into different languages to grab customers’ interest from across the world. 

  3. Proofreading- Marketers can extract high-quality and engaging content using Bard and have access to proofread human-generated content to ensure no grammar lags and plagiarism issues. Bard is capable of giving suggestions to improve the quality of content.

  4. Content creation- Several digital platforms, such as social media sites, have emerged to pay equal contributions towards digital marketing. Different platforms require different types of content to cater to the demands of the users using the platform. Bard can create content ideas for videos. Audios, polls, and PowerPoint that are designed to incite market interest.

ChatGPT vs. Bard

The conflict between ChatGPT vs Bard can be resolved by addressing the way both these chatbots operate.

  1. Language model- ChatGPT is powered by a Generative pre-trained transformer (GPT-4), while Bard is powered by a Language model for dialogue applications (LaMDA). GPT utilises a massive dataset while Bard does the same but is also trained at dialogue applications.

  2. Data source- While ChatGPT can access data only before September 2021, Bard AI can access real-time datasets on search engines, giving users real-time results. This enables Bard to offer more up-to-date information as compared to a chatbot.

  3. Data output- ChatGPT functions on a process known as autoregression, where every result to queries is displayed word by word. Bard shows the output all at once and takes a few seconds.

  4. Purpose- Since the chatbot has access to data until September 2021, it cannot be a reliable source for research processes. Instead, it is used to get better user-friendly and conversational results. Bard has access to updated data and can be effectively used for research purposes.

ChatGPT vs. Bard conflict has been highlighted to explain how they are both suitable for specific tasks and excel at their roles.

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