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SEO Types: 8 Different Types of SEO In Digital Marketing

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SEO types and SEO are the most talked about digital marketing jargons that can change the facet of any business and incur huge organic traffic to get a high return on investments. SEO is the most preferred strategy that any digital marketing agency realizes to promote a new website, to give the businesses a new boost, and generate leads.

To better understand different SEO types we must first know what SEO is.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization through which internet marketing agencies increase search engine ranking on search engine result pages by implementing relevant keyword optimization and following Google and other SEO algorithms. SEO companies use Search Engine Optimization tools and online marketing services so that every business stands a chance to enhance and get maximum results.

There are five main SEO types that digital marketing companies use that are enunciated below.













































On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most common SEO strategies or SEO types for businesses that SEO services companies use to make a positive impact through the website. This involves any changes that are being carried on the website to make more consumers turn their heads towards the business. SEO companies attain this so by optimizing keywords.

Whenever any new visitor or returning consumer wants to reach your website they have to press some keywords to search for the website. With relevant keywords, your page ranks up and by using such keywords, they come to your website. With proper placement of keywords on the page title, Meta descriptions, and headlines, SEO companies make the page rank higher on search engine result pages. Thus, you get better leads and get more consumers who take your services and help you get a better return on investments.

URL optimization is one of the on-page strategies that help the users to remember your website pages. Other than customizing URL structure, internal linking is also done in which the web pages are linked to one another so that the consumer can have a gliding experience while surfing the website. Through meta-descriptions, one can turn visitor’s attraction instantly by writing a perfect 155 character snippet giving a brief about the services or offerings.  The basic thing to remember is that whatever changes are carried on the website to increase traffic comes under an on-page SEO strategy. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO strategies focus on the activities that SEO strategists carry on other than web pages. It doesn’t include any on-page activity as it influences the website externally. Social media sharing is one of the ways in which off-page SEO is carried on.

Internet marketing agencies incorporate this strategy by sharing site links on different social media pages through which the visitors visit your website and in turn, it does wonders for the business. The SEO is impacted externally and you don’t have any control over it. When the link is shared on the social media page related to the services or offerings, the consumers tend to share the links with others. Thus, leading more traffic to the website and in turn, boosting the website ranking on search engines.

Backlinks are other off-page strategies that SEO agencies use to get more attraction. They use backlink-building strategies by linking the other pages with the services your companies offer, so that when someone is reading about other services they can reach your webpage by following the link. Other than backlinking, reviews are another backlinking strategy through which you can garner the attention of your visitors. Thus applying these external factors, the digital marketing companies drive more consumers to the website.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO type is one of the different SEO types that digital marketing agencies implement by working on the backend of the website. The backend is optimized to improve the functioning of the website and give your consumers a smooth experience. Website is considered as the front gate of any business and with the grandeur and beauty, it can turn more heads but what is the use of a well-decorated gate if it doesn’t open properly. The same is the case with the website, not having a smooth functioning website can be a major turnoff for the visitors.

Today speed is the main demand and in times when people don’t want to wait for seconds if the site takes ages to open, the visitor will just have to leave the website and look for other services. Internet is a sea of websites and if your website doesn’t offer the best, the visitor will not take another second to leave the site. By using optimum page speed, you are making your visitors become your consumers. When they can move from one page to another without waiting for any of the pages to load, you are definitely going to see them return.  

Responsiveness is the other technical SEO strategy that internet marketing agencies incorporate so that you can make the transition of your customers from website to mobile and mobile to website smooth. They should be able to have a rich experience whenever they move from one platform to the other. 

Local SEO

Local SEO consultants have become a boon for local businesses as through them you can reach the local people faster. Through local SEO, the physical and local geo-presence of any company can turn more revenues as the people who are looking for local services tend to take them than the person who is staying afar. By using “near me” strategies Search Engine Optimization companies help your webpage rank.

By implementing locally optimized keywords will give your business a new charm and will draw the visitors towards you. By using local keywords, local SEO companies tend to turn your ranking high on search engines. Content is of the essence so when the content is optimized locally keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of local peoples, it will make more people visit your website.

Another strategy that local SEO agencies follow is encouraging the visitors or consumers to post reviews and responding to the reviews that the consumer has posted so that they can create a sense of credibility in the consumers about the business.

Voice Search SEO

Voice search SEO is being incorporated by digital marketing companies as voice searches are becoming popular these days. Although this is not seen in demand but with the arrival of devices like Alexa, Siri, voice search in mobile phones, Google Homes, and so on, the necessity of Voice SEO types will increase eventually. Many of the people who don’t prefer typing are using the voice search engine to search for services, or products.

Voice search optimization should deliver the needed information quickly. As the delay in delivery will lead to souring the mood of the visitor. By using slang, putting the most important information on the top, making voice searches compatible to provide fast answers is the key to attract more visitors.

Slangs are new strategies through which people try to search about the businesses. They use the most common slangs that are in vogue related to the industry. And when the digital marketing companies integrate such techniques for website optimization, it renders in luring more consumers.

Other than the main SEO types there are other SEO types that help the websites get a good ranking.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the need of the hour. With the new mobile devices coming every month, it is a necessity for the websites to make their webpages mobile friendly. Consumers should get the same smooth surfing experience as with SEO-friendly websites they are definitely going to come back to take your services.

They should be able to open the webpage on mobile with a faster loading speed and navigation from one page to other must be easy. The color, font, white space, and every such aspect should be optimized for the mobiles.

Nowadays with access to mobile and internet, the person can relish the services or offerings of the businesses by sitting at the remotest places as well. 

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO type is for large websites by incorporating short tail, high competition keywords. Short tail keywords consist of one or two-word long keywords that have more impact than long-tail keywords. As the competition is high it is the necessity of the businesses to use such strategies to outrun the competitors.

E-Commerce SEO

Optimization for an e-commerce giant is a huge task and takes another level of SEO strategies. It is much more complex and you have to give due diligence to every smallest factor. E-commerce SEO is carried on by optimizing home-page, category pages, and product pages by using the right keywords to target potential consumers. Every content including high-resolution images, texts, videos, and other such content should be optimized to lure more consumers. By promoting an e-commerce site on social media channels you can get huge attention. And then offering leads will make more visitors turn their heads to the websites.

There are many digital marketing companies that provide more than perfect SEO services in India by using Search Engine Optimization strategies.  By using different SEO types, they help the businesses in a better way so that the business can get more investment returns and create a good brand identity and awareness.

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