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How to promote a new website on Search Engine?

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Getting a high ranking on Google is one of the important aspects of any website promotion and must for the business. A high web page ranking gives your business credibility and makes consumers attracted to your website. When your website ranks highest, then it increases your online presence and your website tends to get clicked more than the ones whose website is on other pages. There is no magic wand that can improve your Google rating in an instant. It needs dedication, resourcefulness, patience, and creativity. It is not easy to learn and implement SERP techniques, so it is always advised to take the help of a digital marketing agency to promote a new website or an existing one. Banyanbrain is one of the leading agencies that help businesses in improving their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rate by applying the best SEO techniques. 

How to promote a new website? 

Improve Website User Experience: Through UI (User Interface) /UX (User Experience)design, you can do wonders on your website. It focuses on appealing to users’ emotions to make the consumers satisfied to gain their trust. Through this, the website can influence consumers’ behavior and build a platform for the promotion of business. If your website is easy to navigate and consumers feel connected to your website and services, then they visit it more often by staying on your pages for a longer time to get a full-service online marketing experience. And this improves your search result page ranking in Google. 

SEO Optimization: It is necessary to keep content qualitative to increase traffic on your website. You should keep your content keyword rich and mobile-optimized, your content should cater to the needs of your consumers. Right SEO technique is necessary to implement to turn consumer’s attraction towards your site. 

Through technical SEO, the infrastructure of the website can be optimized. It helps in accessing search engines, interpreting and indexing the website. It caters to all technical needs of the website.

On-page SEO is a tactic that is very effective as through this you can increase your online presence by creating page metadata, using static URLs, including relevant keywords, implementing clear HTML code, and many others. 

Off-page SEO techniques balance the whole website and include social bookmarking, content marketing, linkage building, and many others. 

To achieve SEO higher rankings organically and to see the right SEO reputation management, you have to hire an expert or an SEO agency as working on SEO techniques takes time to learn and digital agencies come up with all the right packages to help your website become stronger and have a good digital footprint.   

Local SEO: Local SEO is the technique employed by digital marketing agencies that have the strength to convert more consumers to your online marketing website. Those consumers who are searching for local services are more bent on getting it. So if your website is locally optimized then it will garner more consumers. You have to be continuously checking and updating your keywords to match the local SEO algorithm as it is being changed constantly by Google. It helps in increasing your geographical presence to turn more consumers to you. An affordable SEO company is needed to help you achieve the goal.

Site Speed Optimization: Site loading speed should be optimized and given due importance. If your loading speed is slow then the consumer will lose interest and skip to another site. In the shortest period, you will lose consumer’s attention and your search result rating will go down. 

Broken Links Need to be Fixed: Where a good link increases your website traffic and boosts your presence, a broken link will bring dissatisfaction, distrust, and neglected feelings to consumers. Webpage linking is one of the basic features and when every site is linked to the right site then your search ranking will go high. But when the link goes missing or broken in case of deleted page, missing or unloaded image and many such reasons, then it goes to a generic browser that is 404 page and you will get 404 error, that makes the consumer go back to the last page and in that instant, you lose your consumer. Your website conversion will be affected badly and page ranking will go down. Finding the missing link and mending it, is an easy task for internet marketing companies.

Qualitative and Optimized Content: The content should be qualitative otherwise the consumers who were attracted to your website will lose their interest and leave it. Consumers are not passive anymore. They are more interested in knowing about your business and services. The content that is well written, optimized, has high-resolution images, videos and contains visually appealing graphics will draw the consumer’s attention instantly.  

Header Tags Usage: The headers are keyword friendly that enhance your keyword search optimization and header tags give the consumer a gist about what and how your content is structured.

Headers H1 and H2 tend to increase your Google ranking as if they are attractive, they instantly capture your consumer’s attention. The more catchy the headers are the more it will make consumers hit the click on it. 

Image Optimization: Image Optimization helps in making your site look alluring and is necessary aspect of internet marketing. The consumer can never resist a site if it has wonderful images. For this, add image alt tags to each image that will give an idea to search engine crawlers that what your image is trying to convey. Compressing your images will also give a boost to search engines as when you upload a compressed image, the consumer won’t have to wait long for your page to load and your page speed also gets optimized by this. 

Voice Search Optimization: Voice search optimization helps your business grow in a way that many people still prefer to search about any topic using speakers on their smartphones. So if your website is optimized keeping voice search techniques in mind then your website will come up first and eventually your ranking will go high. Use trending voice search phrases instead of single keywords to make it look conversational. 

Create Backlinks: The best way to increase a backlink to your webpage is through Content Marketing as high-quality content, gets more attraction from consumers and your page will see more traffic on your website. Through good quality blogs, case studies, or white papers, and many such other platforms you can get your website backlinked. When anyone is interested in your website and wants to use the data they will link back to your website. Your website will not be on rank one in one day but using good Google SERP technique, your website will get more backlinks. Content with a good ranking will eventually get backlinks more dynamically. And a good digital marketing agency knows how to handle backlinking so that your website can attract more consumers.  

Position Zero: Position zero is the dream of websites as the only website with strong and good content can reach the level. Position zero is getting your website featured in a special featured snippet or answer box that is placed above the #1 search result.

Through Position zero your business can experience great traffic, strong credibility, and visibility. Internet marketing specialists have good experience working on these lines to make your website trend to the next level.

Knowing Google Algorithm is Necessary: It is very necessary to be in tandem with ever-changing Google Algorithms in digital media marketing as Google keeps changing their algorithm from time to time and sometimes they share their updates and sometimes they don’t. The current algorithm that is in trend is making your website mobile-friendly. It will be very difficult without a good agency to get current trends but with the right one, your website can bring users towards it like a magnet. 

An experienced digital marketing agency like Banyanbrain can fulfill all your website dreams by applying relevant online advertising campaigns like SEO, PPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns, ORM, and many others. To promote the business through SERP your website must rank high. You have to keep promoting your website and generating keyword-optimized mobile-friendly content. There are numerous ways in which the site is promoted and get done successfully you need a skilled and proficient digital marketing agency.

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