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Top Mobile Marketing Tips to be followed to Increase Leads and Sales?

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Almost a decade ago, marketers had declared that mobile is the future. We think it would be the right time to make the statement, THE FUTURE IS NOW. Let us begin by asking a simple question, how many of you access the internet via smartphones? Who all don’t understand a difficult word and instantly go to Mr. Google and ask him about his take? Who all among you rely on the interest for the smallest and the biggest things? The answer is right here in this blog where we have told you all about integral mobile marketing tips to increase leads and sales for your business. 

Mobile technology has become a very crucial component of our lives. Not just as avid users of the gift of the internet given to us, but also for businesses as they have a new platform to market their products and services to customers and get instant leads. Digital marketing helps in lead generation of a business as it includes many techniques like PPC management services, SEO services, website designing development, and many other services. 

Many surveys and studies have suggested that today, 50% of the world population owns a mobile phone. In today’s market, users tend to spend 59% of their time online on their mobile phones as compared to a desktop. As of this moment, there are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users all over the world. They use phones to stay connected with friends and family, have fun with the media, do shopping, and conduct their business. 

What is mobile marketing?

Before we tell you what mobile marketing is all about, here are some facts that you should know. 

There are 3.6 billion smartphone users today all over the world. This data is expected to continue to grow up to 4.3 billion in 2023. An average smartphone user spends 4 hours and 10 minutes using a mobile each day. 55.7% of web traffic comes from mobile traffic. 

By providing you with these statistics, we have tried to tell you that mobile technology continues to play a huge role in the way products and services are marketed to consumers. As a result, it has become more important than ever for businesses to cater to the aspect of mobile marketing, as it helps to generate more leads that eventually result in sales conversions. It is also one of the top digital marketing strategies to boost brand awareness.

Mobile marketing is the process of reaching your target audiences via online mediums and using mobile devices. It brings a brand together with its target audience by providing them with direct contact with each other. 

The fundamental goal of mobile marketing is to build brand awareness, boost sales, attract target audiences, and then convert them into actual clients. This provides them with the opportunity to reach their clients who are always on the move. 

Mobile marketing is simply the process of reaching potential customers with the usage of mobile devices. In today’s digital world, it is crucial to have a mobile marketing strategy that will make your business stand out. 

Here is a compilation of some strategies and tips that all businesses need to follow to increase their leads generated and sales conversions. 

Top mobile marketing tips to increase leads and sales conversions 

Have a mobile-friendly website 

The first and foremost step towards a good mobile marketing campaign is to optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly. A website that is not mobile-friendly impacts Google rankings in a negative way. Your website is the most integral platform from where visitors can have a look at your business and offerings and become leads. 

Ensuring that your website is easy to navigate and scroll through gives customers a positive user experience. A business should make sure that their website has a well-organized landing page with links to other web pages that makes the site very easy to go through. You should also make sure that you have mobile-friendly lead generation forms on your website which will make it convenient for your target audience to sign up for more information. 

Curate interactive content for mobile 

Interesting, engaging content is the key to attract more and more audiences from their mobiles. Content can be in the form of text, audio, video, e-mail, etc. Having a content-rich presence on the web will rank you higher in the search engines and also send more and more searchers your way which leads to sales conversions. 

Develop a mobile app 

Most digital marketing companies today provide the services of app development because having an app for your brand is an effective way of targeting users and turning them into leads. Applications are a more convenient tactic than websites when users prefer using their smartphones. 

Although it is a big investment, it expands your business to new heights as around 85% of users prefer using a mobile app rather than a website. 

Use SMS Option to send custom-made texts 

Every individual is on their phones for a major chunk of the day, irrespective of the time or place. An average mobile user checks their phone approximately 150 times in one single day. A business should tap into the SMS option in their mobile marketing strategy as it is one tactic that ensures guaranteed results. 

Since people check their phones for notifications so many times a day it will allow you to deliver personalized messages to potential and existing clients and communicate with them directly. 

Voice Search Optimization 

Voice search is the future of mobile marketing. Audiences are shifting more towards voice search every day, and the numbers are only increasing drastically. A business has to ensure that its mobile content is voice-search optimized. 

A business should use adequate long-tail keywords, update content regularly, and ensure that you provide the correct and sufficient information for anyone who decides to come to your website to know more about your offerings. 

To conclude,

Most of us are attached to our phones all day long. We use our phones to check email, search for ideas and solutions, look up funny content to distract ourselves when we are having a bad day and stay connected to our loved ones. 

The fast-paced technological world that we are living in has mobile marketing as a huge factor for people who prefer just looking something up from their phones rather than sit with a pc or laptop to check for a simple recipe. 

Businesses have to realize that the future of mobile marketing is promising as we all can understand in today’s time. They should create mobile strategies that are engaging and user-friendly and can generate leads and drive sales. 

Mobile marketing is one of the top digital marketing trends of 2021 that should be a priority for all businesses.

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