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Improve Your Instagram Ad Design and Get More Conversions

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Do you have a lot of engagement on Instagram but few conversions? Are you confused about what to do to increase your sales and leads? This blog will shed light on a few tips to improve your Instagram ad design to optimize conversions.

First, let’s understand what a conversion is.

Conversion is when someone interacts with your ad and takes some action that you categorize as beneficial to your business, such as an online purchase. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms that millions of users use daily. It plays a significant role in boosting your rate and getting a better ROI. 

Why is there a need for Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are paid feed posts, short videos, stories, and carousels that brands can use to reach their target audience. Utilizing Instagram, you can quickly grow website traffic.

There are over 600 million monthly active Instagram users and over 400 million daily active users on Instagram, which is an excellent reason to run your Google ad campaigns on Instagram. Facebook Ad campaigns provide businesses with an opportunity to create effective campaigns for users at all stages and increase conversion rates at the same time.

Given below are some of the ways to create compelling Instagram ad designs and improve your Instagram ads:

Use contrasting colors 

Contrasting colors are well known to pop up as they attract eyeballs and can help to focus the user’s gaze right where you want it. Bright color contrast can further provoke positive feelings concerning your brand. Using the color contrast strategy, you can effectively trigger an emotional reaction in the customer that ultimately favors a buying decision. Although, it is essential to focus on using colors consistent with your brand style as it helps to build brand recognition and create a strong brand experience.

Create a simple design to stand out 

Most social media optimization occur using the app through mobile phones, and a mobile phone screen doesn’t have enough space for advertising your masterpiece; therefore, creating simple and to-the-point ad designs for your product promotion is always suggested.

Irresistible CTA

CTA or Call-to-Action is a button or text that will lead the target audience to your desired action from the Instagram ad. Always add a creative CTA in your Instagram ad design to tell your audience what to do next. Your CTA could be anything like visiting your profile, your website or sending you a message. With the help of CTA, you can encourage your customers to shop, subscribe, place an order, or complete other actions.

Given below are some examples of some of the most common CTAS

  • Join us
  • Try for free 
  • Sign us 
  • Learn more 
  • Visit us 
  • Hurry up 
  • Subscribe 

Using these CTA buttons, you can improve your Instagram ad designs and get more conversions.


Written content or description with the image or video on Instagram is called captions. Your captions should be short, crisp, and the voice of your ad. A significant part of making your caption work is using the appropriate hashtags alongside it. When used effectively, hashtags are powerful metadata tags that can help you enhance brand recognition, attract more audience and lead to conversion.

Create Instagram reels

Reels are short video formats that are an excellent way to generate leads, and reels are almost like stories, the only difference being they don’t disappear after 24 hours. You can create entertaining and informative reels to engage your customers, make them aware of your brand and encourage them to buy from you. Also, there is a 2200-character limit which gives you plenty of space to write catchy content to attract your target audience.

Short and crisp text

High-quality visuals are crucial when selling on Instagram. The photo and video sharing platform continuously highlight the importance of keeping your content short and crisp for it to perform well, and it’s the same for ad creatives. The ad creative text must be held to a minimum. People need to visualize your product’s appearance – an image or a video. Moreover, keeping the text captivating will also increase its readability. 

A/B testing 

Noting works better than keeping track of your progress and conversion rate and finding areas for improvement. A/B testing is the best way to determine which image your audience responds to best. It entails presenting variations of the same ad to distinctive people and tracking how frequently each image is engaged with. With the A/B testing, you can access accurate data about which color scheme, call-to-action button caption, or, for instance, works best for your marketing goals. 

Recommended Ad dimensions for Instagram

Before starting your ad design, you must be fully aware of the Instagram ad dimensions so that you don’t face any trouble cropping the ad image later.

Instagram image ads

    • Recommended formats should be JPG or PNG.

    • The maximum file size should be 30 MB.

    • Recommended aspect ratio should be 1:1 for in-feed ads. 

    • The minimum image resolution should be 1080 × 1080 pixels.

Instagram video ads

    • Formats should be in MP4, MOV, or GIF form.

    • The maximum file size should be 250 MB.

    • Video duration is limited to 1 second to 60 minutes.

    • Recommended aspect ratio should be 9:16 for Stories or Reels ads.

    • The minimum resolution should be 1080 × 1080 pixels.

Apps you can use to create Instagram ad designs.

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs can use free or cost-effective ad-designing apps to help create creative and innovative designs and make you stand out.


Cavna is one of the most popular and user-friendly drag and design tools with plenty of customizable templates for all formats of Instagram that you can use to create something innovative for your ad campaign. People with no design experience can easily add text, logos, design elements, and images to their Instagram posts with the help of canva.


Snappa is a lot like Canva and has a friendly user interface. It also comes with a plethora of creative templates. Using Snappa, you can also split tests whether the landscape versions of an ad perform work better than square images.

Adobe spark

Adobe spark is another free tool from adobe that works with drag-and-drop technology and offers plenty of templates to choose from.


Visme is another cost-effective design tool with many templates and customization installed. Using Vesme, you can get your ad creatives ready and running in no time. 

Instagram ads are a significant gateway for improving your brand visibility, generating leads & increasing your business sales. There are many possible ways, such as simple designs, A/B testing, CTA, and perfect caption, using which you can create the best Instagram ads for your product promotions. Instagram follows a set of rules for ad dimensions, and you must keep your ads in mind those recommended dimensions.

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