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How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan?

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An effective social media marketing plan is essential to achieve specific business objectives, such as creating brand awareness, generating leads, or increasing sales. Social media apps such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are used to upload various types of content, including audio, videos, photos and infographics. It helps in creating a diverse global outreach since people all around the world use social media apps. Formulating an effective social media marketing plan helps create a buyer persona, systematically and consistently uploading content on social media, changing strategies based on user needs, and staying updated with market trends. Let us learn more about social media marketing and how to create an effective plan.

Infographic - Navigating the Steps to Build an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

What do you mean by social media marketing?

With technological advancements, people are surrounded by apps and websites and spend significant time on social media apps such as YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and Facebook. Digital marketing is the practice of using digital platforms to promote the products and services of any brand to customers across the globe. Digital marketers widely utilise social media apps as a digital platform to promote products and services. It becomes easier to connect with diverse audiences by marketing on various social media sites. Among various digital marketing strategies, social media marketing is an effective method for online marketing. It uses various social media platforms and websites to build a brand image, foster brand trust, and engage with audiences. 

Businesses often create, share, like and comment on the content posted on various social media apps. All of this is done for marketing and branding to achieve business objectives. Social media marketing is often paired with other digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click, to yield maximum results. Businesses create relevant and engaging content to post on their social media handles and keep their customers updated with the ongoings in the business industry. It adds to personalized marketing and helps drive organic traffic to the website, lead generation, and sales.  

Benefits of social media marketing

Organizations commonly use SMM to achieve various business objectives. A few advantages of social media marketing are-

  1. Improves customer engagement- Users will likely interact on social media sites by commenting, sharing, liking, and viewing posts. Social media marketing posts creative content interacts with users, and replies to queries and messages. Customer engagement helps in effective social media marketing.
  2. Increases brand awareness- Since users spend significant time scrolling through content on various apps, businesses can use it to their advantage by posting unique and custom content that strikes user attention. Running paid ads on social media is an effective way of increasing brand awareness. Planned and systematic marketing strategies help increase brand recognition across social media.
  3. Cost-effective marketing- Unlike paid marketing, social media marketing requires comparably less investment. Businesses can post content for free on their social media profiles and use effective marketing strategies to increase content visibility.
  4. Fosters brand trust- Social media marketing also involves influencer marketing that helps build brand trust. When your website and media profile visibility increases, people are more likely to believe that others also trust the products and services marketed.
  5. Promotes global reach- Diverse users across the globe use social media sites, and hence, the chances of being discovered by foreign audiences increase through social media marketing. It is beneficial for businesses willing to expand internationally.

What is a social media marketing plan?

Different businesses have different objectives that vary between brand awareness, building brand reputation, lead generation, increasing website traffic, and improving conversion rates. Based on the business objective, companies or digital marketing agencies develop a comprehensive strategy to quickly outline marketing targets and ways to achieve these goals. Planning a roadmap for social media marketing helps in developing a strategy for the proper execution of social media activities and ensuring maximum results. 

A social media marketing plan defines the goals and objectives of marketing to underline the expected results. It helps determine the best approach to achieve those goals and deliver the desired output. Since it is a combined effort from the content creation and social media optimization teams, it is essential to have a roadmap that all team members follow. A well-formulated marketing plan also evaluates existing social media marketing strategies and formulates newer strategies if needed. Digital marketers must stay updated with social media marketing trends to maximize output.

Strategy for effective social media marketing

  1. Goals and objectives- By clarifying the marketing goals, digital marketers can build customized social media marketing strategies to deliver targeted results.
  2. Identifying target audience- It is essential to know about the gender, age group and demographics of potential customers. By building a buyer persona, businesses can deliver tailored social media content to viewers.
  3. Selecting social platforms- Based on the marketing objective, marketing agencies choose between social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest to post content. Based on the buyer persona, the marketers choose an appropriate digital platform.
  4. Selecting the form of content- Depending upon the marketing objectives, businesses can choose between posting videos, photos, audio, polls, live sessions, infographics, or a mix of photos and videos that resonates well with the audience.
  5. Creating a calendar- Businesses must create a content calendar for their social media profiles that outlines the dates, times, and days for creating, reviewing and posting content online. The content calendar must be made keeping in mind the online user behaviour. Following a content calendar helps promote consistency and an appropriate flow of content.
  6. Create engagement- Social media can be utilized in multiple ways besides posting photos and videos. Live sessions, discussions, question-and-answer posts, polls, and actively responding to comments, queries and messages help increase interaction and engagement with diverse audiences.
  7. Collaborate with influencers- Influencer marketing is a crucial social media marketing strategy that helps expand viewership and reach out to potential customers. Influencers promoting brands and businesses in related industries can be approached as their reviews go a long way in building brand awareness and fostering brand trust.
  8. Posting user-generated content- UGC or user-generated content is formulated by customers who have used your products and services and are reviewing them. UGC can include videos, photos, or written reviews of happy customers. It helps create a brand reputation and encourages potential customers to buy the products or services.

Tips for effective social media marketing

  1. Use hashtags- Social media posts become visible to online audiences when supplemented with hashtags relevant to the industry, brand, products and services. Users often search using hashtags to explore related content.
  2. Use keywords- The hashtags and social media content must be formulated using relevant keywords that attract user traffic.
  3. Have a landing page- Customers will visit your business website if they find your social media content intriguing. It is essential to have a well-optimised landing page that helps convert users into customers.
  4. Use visual content- It is always beneficial to use visual content as it builds more interest in viewers and helps retain them on the social media profile.
  5. Stay updated- Social media trends keep changing; it is essential to know about the upcoming trends to post relevant content and gain publicity.

These are a few strategies and tips for creating an effective social media marketing plan for achieving business objectives.Banyanbrain is expert in making effective social media marketing plan. Contact us today to grow digitally.


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