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The Death of SEO: The Biggest myth that needs to Die

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A myth is a widely held, but false belief or idea. It is passed along by an individual or a group of people and is an untrue piece of information. The talks about SEO dying have been doing the rounds for quite some years now. Just like everything else in life, there are so many myths and misapprehensions that do not go away that easily. There is still a large number of falsely held beliefs that remain. The myth about the death of SEO is the biggest lie in the digital marketing industry that needs to die before it causes any more threat to businesses.

SEO is one of the key pillars of a digital media marketing strategy. It is one of those tactics that can never go away, as any marketing plan is incomplete with SEO incorporated in it. Digital marketing agencies provide all the benefits of online marketing services at cost-effective prices.

If we put it into clear words, SEO is not dying, it is simply evolving into something much larger than it was years ago.

We are sure by now you have a huge wide list of benefits and advantages of SEO and why you should include SEO strategies as a part of your online marketing plan to rank higher on the search engine results.

80% of all online purchases start with an online search that is conducted on a search engine. 75% of online searchers have claimed to not go beyond the first page of the search engine results.

These figures are more than enough for you to understand that search engine optimization is essential for your business to rank in the top-most positions on the search engine results pages.

With the technological advancements in the digital age, SEO is one of the few techniques that is here to stay. Although, that being said, even though we can say with full confidence that SEO is not dead, but certain SEO tactics are not as efficient as they used to be a few years back.

Sticking with these outdated strategies will do more harm to your business than good as the Google algorithms as well as for other search engines keep on changing dynamically and they should not be used.

Some of these outdated techniques that validate the death of SEO should be avoided by marketers are:

SEO techniques to be avoided

Over-excessive use of link building on the website

There was a time when marketers used to build as many links as they could to your website and this would result in a boost in the rankings on search engines. This is no longer the case. Yes, link building is still very relevant to the increased online reach, but instead of quantity, now more focus is placed on the quality of links.

A business can find some websites with high page authority and domain authority and use them as backlinks that will provide a higher rank to your website on the SERPs.

Over-optimizing for the focus keyword

The focus keyword is extremely important for a particular piece of content to be visible online. Earlier, it was essential to completely optimize the entire page or post for the focus keyword that was to be ranked for. But instead of stuffing the entire content with one particular keyword, it is now required to make sure that all the content is optimized for readability, user experience, and answering of certain queries that are often brought up.

The objective of the search engines is to understand the intent behind the keyword, not just simply finding the keywords written in a piece of content and ranking it. The posts that rank today in the search engines are the ones with original, relevant content with high-quality answers.

Developing a large number of pages and posts

It should be noted by all businesses looking to create an online presence that Google does not rank your entire website on the SERPs, it ranks individual webpages based on the search query, content, and keywords. The focus should be on curating high-quality content that is helpful to site visitors which helps in improving on-page metrics like reduction of bounce rate, increasing time spent on site, and so on.

Now that we have told you all about the SEO tactics that you should bid farewell to create an efficient SEO strategy that guarantees results, here are some of the upcoming trends in the online marketing industry that should be incorporated into the SEO strategies to improve online visibility, thus increasing sales conversions.

SEO techniques to look out for

Voice Search

According to Google, almost 30% of the total population that uses smartphones to make online searches prefers using a voice assistant to search the search engine. One thing to note is that voice search queries are based on long-tail keywords and are extremely specific. These searches are usually in the form of questions. Ensure that your website content is optimized according to voice SEO so that you can rank higher in voice searches. Optimize your content for rich content and include FAQs for your product pages and blogs. Also, make sure to get yourself listed in the local listings.


Marketing statistics have conveyed that more than 52% of all website traffic is generated by mobile searches. There will be a whopping number of over 70% of people who will be accessing the internet via online mobile devices by the year 2025. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, as more and more people are drifting towards websites that they can access conveniently through their smartphones.

Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a rectangular box that appears at the top of the organic search results on a SERP. It encompasses a precise answer to a query that is posted by a user. They can also appear for voice searches.

They show a chunk of information and are often in the form of Q-As or bullet points, or a how-to guide.

Getting hold of a featured snippet is an influential way to appear on the first page of the search engine results. You can achieve this by answering certain specific questions in the form of bullet points in an organized and structured manner.

Local SEO

Local SEO has become important in any digital marketing strategy in today’s date. By following some Local SEO techniques, businesses can expand the organic traffic on their website on those searches that are performed by users in areas of proximity to your business.

46%of all Google searches are local today. The following tips should be followed to master the concept of local SEO:

  • Create a Google My Business Listing Account.
  • Make sure to include local keywords in your content
  • Optimize for voice search and mobile-friendliness
  • Include backlinks and citations on your content, so that you can provide relevant content on that particular local search.

Thus, we see that the death of SEO is just a myth. We do agree that the traditional methods cannot be sued that effectively anymore, but the new modern methods are very much alive today to ensure that your business can rank high up in the search engine results. Banyanbrain is a prominent digital marketing agency that offers elegant SEO solutions comprising of the latest trends that have replaced the old techniques of SEO.

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