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6 Ways to Improve User Retention and App Engagement

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The app world is juggernaut, which is flooded by hundreds of new apps every single day. So people have a number of options to try out. If you want to avoid users from uninstalling your app, you should think about improving user retention rate and app engagement. If you’ve ever looked for some fruitful ideas for the same, you can count on our sourced ideas that are provided below.
1. Easy onboarding
By providing a seamless onboarding experience, you can considerably reduce abandonment rates. If your app has too many steps to sign up, minimise them. Complex features and functionalities may also encourage users to abandon your app. Make sure your app is free from clutters.
2. Push notifications
A report showed that push notifications helped app owners increase user retention rate from 56% to 180%. You may have already been using push notifications to improve user retention rate. Here are some useful tips that can help you yield better results.
  • Push notifications based on behavioral data and preferences
  • Push notifications that carry a discount or promotion
  • Personalises notifications. For example, including users’ name
3. Incentive program
Giving your users incentives to use your app can significantly improve engagement and retention rate. Coupons, special promotions and mobile-specific rewards can help you engage your app users better. Choose appropriate ways to incentivize users, in accordance to the nature of your app. If your app offers in-app purchasing, incentivize users with time-sensitive discounts. If your app is a freemium app, incentivize users with usage-based rewards.
4. Ask for feedback
Two-way communication is important to make users get hooked to your app. Ask them for feedback after every purchase and experience (in case of a game). It is common that they may not respond to your request initially if they are busy enough to do it. But it works with consistent efforts.
5. Be responsive to users’ queries
Being responsive to users’ queries is equally important as expecting a response from them. When they ask for a help or suggestion, don’t make them wait in a queue. Instead, provide them with the right solution in a minimum number of conversations. It doesn’t just make them happy at the time but also makes them loyal to your app.
6. Track your effort
While implementing different strategies to improve user engagement, don’t forget to track the implemented strategies. Whether you’re working on behavioural data or incentive program, you should have its report card. This helps you implement better strategies.
App engagement and user retention are equally important as user acquisition. Turning users into loyal customers has a direct impact on the average lifetime value (LTV) of your app. This even helps to generate an increased amount of revenue.
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