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Healthcare SEO – The Ultimate Guide

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Healthcare SEO is the key to targeting the consumers who are looking for health care services on search engines like, yahoo, Bing, Google, and others.

Your hospital might be the best with all the state-of-the-art facilities and technologies but if the hospital’s website doesn’t rank well on a search engine, then definitely your service is somewhere lacking. The hospital with less ranking won’t be able to serve the common people with their healthcare services. Most of the people today turn to search engines before taking services from any hospital and when they can’t see your hospital on the first pages, then they are going to take the help of the other hospitals and in this case your competitors.

A good healthcare SEO strategy used by smart SEO agencies is needed to rank the hospital on the # 1 page to achieve organic search on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With the increase of tech-savvy minds, people tend to go through medical searches so healthcare SEO is needed to be top-notch in order to fulfill the demands of fast-paced people.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is carried out to enhance search engine rating for the websites on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). SEO companies help businesses by carrying on SEO advertising to target the right audience by following the finest Search engine optimization practices. Search Engines like Google keep changing their algorithm from time to time and the SEO team keeps an eye on it by monitoring it. Search Engine Optimization companies adapt to the new algorithm instantly to give the businesses a new boost. In the absence of an SEO agency, the sites will lose potential targets giving your website a hard blow.

This creates the need for healthcare Search Engine Optimization so that your patients know where to find you. With the right healthcare SEO techniques, the healthcare SEO Companies carve out the right way to keep the hospital website in demand. Healthcare websites have to keep in touch with SEO companies in order to keep in tandem with recent updates by a search engine. Healthcare SEO is not a one-time implementation, it is an ongoing process to keep providing the best medical SEO services to your patients rather than losing in a sea of healthcare websites. The healthcare SEO agencies follow certain healthcare SEO techniques to grow the ranking, target potential patients, and keep them providing a smooth and optimum website experience.  

What are the basic healthcare SEO techniques?

Through precise keyword optimization and location-based content, the growth of website ranking can be turned high to get on the mark position on Search Engine Result Pages. You can keep ahead of competitors by following the stalwart SEO techniques and targeting the right consumers for organic growth.

On-site Healthcare SEO

On-site or on-page healthcare SEO is carried out to determine to see the rankings of healthcare on search engines.  It should be optimized for both search engines and users. Where a good on-page technique does wonders for the hospital, not carrying it out can be hazardous for all your potential targets. By using Meta tags, title tags, URL optimization, interlinking, and other such strategies, the website thrives by getting a maximum number of visitors. Let’s see the factors that impact on-site health.

Title Tags: By the use of a coding element (HTML) the title of the webpage is specified that is carried on at the backend of the website. The titles are the clickable headlines that you see on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Description Tags: Description tags or SEO Metadata is a summary of a website’s content that is visible on Search Engine Result Pages just below the title tags. They come with a character limit of 160 characters or less.

Keyword Meta Tags: They are necessary for search engines as they determine in what way people can look you for. They are not for the eyes of common people as they are visible to search engines only.

Image Optimization: The website can achieve success when the image used is relevant to the text, title, and captions. By using the Alt tag, the healthcare ranking can grow on search engines and can show up in web searches. The Alt tag is an HTML attribute that gives search engines a text alternative.

Site Speed: Faster site or page speed helps the health providers see more traffic and let search engines determine the ranking for your website.

Header Tags: H1 and H2 are header tags that give structure to the posted content. They are the factor that communicates the appropriateness of the content.

Anchor Text Links: Anchor text links are the text that you click in a hyperlink and should be related to the linked page.

Mobile Responsiveness: The website should be mobile optimized to give a better user experience. With an unimaginable growth in mobile phones every day, it is the need for websites to keep a mobile-friendly platform so that consumers won’t feel uneasy while shifting from website to mobile phones or vice versa.

Bold, Italics: Google crawlers love the bold and italic format in the content as it makes the content stand out and easily portray what it wants to convey.

Sitemaps: It is a blueprint that helps search engines in finding, crawling, and indexing the website’s content. The search engines find the important content in your web pages through this. Through XML or Extensible Markup Language, the search engines crawl the URLs indexed in the sitemap.

Content Optimization: If you want your healthcare website to rank high, you have to keep updating healthcare content to give organic traffic a boost.  Using high-quality information on every webpage, you will keep consumers bound to your service.

Interlinking: By interlinking the web pages with each other, you are giving the consumers a smooth and gliding experience. 

Off-site Healthcare SEO

Off-page or off-site healthcare SEO is the strategy that is not carried on within the site whereas it is the one that takes place outside of the website. It is helpful in increasing the search engine ranking through link building, backlinking, content marketing, and others. 

By linking healthcare content to other websites, you are making passage for the consumers to find a way to your website. By using such techniques, you build a sense of credibility in your viewers. Let’s look at off-page factors that affect it.

Blogs and Articles

Posting healthcare blogs and articles online helps in getting good recognition as you can clearly write about the things that reflect your ideas. You can also write articles about the services that consumers are looking for.

Healthcare Social Media

Nowadays mostly everyone is on different social media channels. And with billions of consumers over there, if you post regularly about health-related services that you are offering, then definitely, a huge number of organic traffic can be seen on your website.

Press Releases

By collaborating with journalists or health care publications, and sending them a press release about new services or any award-winning piece, you are going to turn more heads and get more traffic than ever.

Reputation Management

Mostly everyone reads reviews on search engines before taking healthcare services, it is a common norm now. By responding to positive and negative reviews both, you are making a sense of belief in your consumers. But never, in any case, avoid HIPAA compliance violation by disclosing the identity of the consumer.

Link Building

Links are one of the most important factors in increasing the ranking on search engines as they enable more eyes to fall on your website.

Local Healthcare SEO

Local healthcare SEO is one of the best practices carried out by healthcare SEO companies to target locals. The person who is searching for services by using the keywords, “Near me” they are definitely going to take it. It helps in enhancing search engine’s ranking by optimizing the site. When the patient searches on the search engine and your service doesn’t pop up on the #1 page, then you should understand why your website is seeing less traffic and who might be getting more consumers. If you want to beat your competitors then definitely you have to start investing in local SEO for medical practices.

There is a carousel concept in which similar businesses are listed in Google Map Pack that is shown at the top of the Google search. If your healthcare service is listed on the map, then you are going to see a good number of organic traffic. You can grow your local SEO, by using the below steps.

  • By using citations, that are online references of your healthcare organization’s name, phone number, and address, you can grow more potential consumers.
  • By mentioning your healthcare provider’s name on directories, you are going to turn in more traffic. As when it is easy to find a healthcare provider, the consumer feels at ease and readily takes the services.
  • By reviewing the responses that are being given about the services your healthcare offers, and then responding accordingly, you will get gradual fame on social media channels. Consumers are interactive these days and when you are promptly responding to their queries, reviews, or any such thing, you are going to be loved by them. This creates a sense of trust in consumers and is most needed for Online Reputation Management to grow the reputation of your healthcare service.

Using Medical Keywords

By using the right medical keywords, you can target the right consumers. There are keyword planners like Google Keyword Planner, you can get the best keywords that are related to the healthcare industry and the services you offer. Keyword stuffing should be avoided when adding keywords as search engines instantly catch this tactic and the website will subject to be penalized.

By using long or short tail local keywords, you are going to convert more consumers. By using local keywords, you will grab the attention of people looking for services in a local geographical area.

Optimize Visual Elements

By adding videos and high-resolution images, you are making the visitors your regular consumers. A webpage that contains videos and quality images gets more visitors. The webpage with videos binds the visitors to the page and keeps them busy in watching videos for a longer time. Hence increasing the time on the page will give an indication to search engines that the website contains content of importance.

By adding infographics on the webpage, you make it easier for your consumers to get information in an interactive way. By incorporating visual elements you create a magnificent opportunity to strengthen the traffic.

After seeing the basic SEO techniques, let’s see the benefits of healthcare SEO.

Increased Search Engine Ranking

You are going to see a huge increase in search engine ranking after following the right healthcare SEO practices. With the help of medical SEO companies, you can even rank on the #1 page and see your health service grow.

Better ROI

With the right healthcare SEO strategies, you are going to see an increase in return on investments. As when the traffic grows, it will render huge returns growth.

Qualitative Lead Generation

By applying SEO strategies, you can acquire good leads and rank high on Search Engine Result Pages that give credibility and exposure to your service.

Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic eventually increases after healthcare SEO implementation. By optimizing the website and converting it, you are going to see consumers getting attracted to your website.

To thrive in the healthcare industry, one needs a good healthcare SEO company that provides top-notch medical SEO services to grow the business. To keep on par with the competitors, you have to take the help of the company that handles all aspects of SEO medical marketing.

Banyanbrain, one of the leading digital marketing companies in India provides optimum SEO services for the healthcare industry. Like you take care of your patients, we take care of your website’s health. You won’t only grow, with us your healthcare service will grow exponentially. As we know what you want, just like you get to know about your patients by seeing their pulses. We provide stellar Social Media Optimization and Pay-per-click services for your all-over growth on different social media channels and better ROI.

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