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Nowadays in this modern world, the technologies are improving day by day, among that the mobile application development is playing the major role. In general, the mobile application development is the set of procedures and processes which have been involved in the process of writing software for wireless devices of computing like tablets or smartphones.

The mobile application development is same as that if web app development which has its basic in enormous professional software development. But there is unique differences are found in mobile applications. The difference is that the mobile apps are majorly written based on the features and advantages of the various offerings of mobile devices. For example, a gaming app is written in order to obtain the benefits of android or iPhone’s accelerometer.

There is one possibility to guarantee that these applications will show its top most performances on that unique provided device to improve the app natively on that particular device. This process mainly takes place that this specific code is particularly written at an extremely low level in a unique device for that processor. If a particular app requires to run on numerous operating system, but there if the code is very fewer means than for the initial development the process will be reused. At that time, that app can basically rewrite for those particular devices.


Platforms We Serve

The landscape of mobile app development is packed with enormous ways to construct a mobile app. Among those, the most well-liked are:

Native Platform:

  • Native iOS
  • Native android

Cross Platform:

  • Appcelerator titanium
  • PhoneGap

Native iOS Development


The various applications in iPhone app store are having been written in the C programming language. The developers of this process are usually using the X-code to improve their apps.

In order to construct an iOS app, it is must to use only the Mac OS X, because the other operating systems will not support. You also require various development tools like Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK. These tools are free of cost, so you can run that app with these tools that you have constructed in the iOS simulator, that is included with iOS SDK.

Appcelerator Titanium


With the usage of titanium, the apps are written with the tool of JavaScript. Apart from the usage of HTML DOM, the JavaScript is working well with the Appcelerator titanium’s API. As the technology is developing rapid, the above situation is also having the possibilities to change in future. It is almost expected that in future, the greater part of mobile app development works will mainly focus on developing the applications of browser based which are device agnostic. The browser based apps are nothing but just a website which is created for the process of mobile browsers. These kinds of sites are built for the process of user friendly navigation process for immediate loading service over a mobile network.

Native Android Development


In the android platform, the tools which are using to work are java language included with Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment). In order to support certain things like graphical layout debugging and definition, Google is providing the ADT (Android Developer Tools) plug-in for the process of typical Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.



The platform of adobe’s PhoneGap will enable a developer in order to develop a particular app which runs on an enormous number of mobile devices. To develop a best, the developer also used various web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The phone gap will also support various platforms like iOS, windows 8, android and much more.

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