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Banyanbrain. – A brain that can think more than our expectations


A brainy idea to succeed, only when that luckily meets with a smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a development team with the right mix of brains. The Good News is you are here!

About The Company

Banyanbrain Digital Pvt. Ltd. spreading network of clients worldwide by providing best technology services in  Mobile App, Web App & Game Development, Website Design, Digital Marketing and the trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Fitbit, Virtual Reality, IoT, Wearable App Development in the industry.  We build-up the trust factor for the clients so that they can rely on us for their project. We serve our services to the most prominent clients base countries  USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia.

Our Team

Ashutosh Tripathi

Ashutosh Tripathi


Ashutosh Tripathi is the founder of Banyanbrain. He holds degree in Information Technology (B.Tech.)

Stuti Gautam

HR & VP-Sales

She oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Rakesh Kumar


VP - Technology

Rakesh Kumar is the VP Technology of Banyanbrain. He holds degree in Information Technology (B.Tech.)

Shailesh Singh

VP - Marketing

Narendra Singh Tonger

VP - Marketing

Annie Jacob

Graphic Designer

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