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Banyanbrain. – A brain that can think more than our expectations


Banyanbrain is not just a company – in fact today it is the world’s one of the most fascinating places to build mobile apps and solutions on trending technologies. Headquartered in Allahabad, India, Banyanbrain is recognized as an emerging technology services company, which is led by some of the brilliant minds in the industry. The company possesses years of proven experience and expertise in delivering successful IT projects in both the local and global markets like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, and Australia.

Banyanbrain offers cutting-edge services on Mobile App, Web App, and Game Development, Website Design, Digital Marketing and the trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Fitbit, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Wearable App Development.

Our Mission

To make technologies easily accessible for businesses in order to help them enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and increase sales and revenue.

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading technology services provider, creating the most sought-after business results and true customer values. Operations are under progress!

Our Values

Innovative Thinking

A smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and an agile development – All these are possible when there is an innovatively thinking brain – Banyanbrain has many of this kind across the geography, that’s why clients love us.


We believe value-driven business ethics are key to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and build endurable client relationship. We never make it a false promise.

Collaborative Spirit

Banyanbrain never considers collaborative spirit as an additional effort, whether it is employee-employee collaboration or Banyanbrain-client collaboration. The ultimate goal is to create sheer values for everyone who becomes a part of it.

Our Team

Ashutosh Tripathi


Ashutosh Tripathi is the founder of Banyanbrain. He holds degree in Information Technology (B.Tech.)

Stuti Gautam


She oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Debadutta Mishra

Sr. Project Manager

Rakesh Kumar

VP - Technology

Rakesh Kumar is the VP Technology of Banyanbrain. He holds degree in Information Technology (B.Tech.)

Shailesh Singh

VP - Marketing

Annie Jacob

Graphic Designer
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